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#SealAfghanBorder another way to confuse people

After the terrorist attack on Bacha Khan University, where the non-violent leader of Pashtuns Fakhr e Afghan Bacha Khan’s death anniversary was planned to be a poetry gathering. And the children raised by the hardcore militant wings and terrorist organizations had selected the day for a sheer message that the hardline ideology Pakistan pursue is never accepting Bacha Khan’s peace loving messages.

Now as I write these lines; a trend that’s referring to seal Afghan Border makes me write this piece. I should mention that the trends are always spread by the Pakistan powerful army anonymous accounts on twitter and other social media websites.

We can ask the Pakistanis who are still clapping their hands from behind the curtain on the death and blood pools of Pashtun nation. The ideological boundary of Pakistan raised terrorist groups is from “Iqbal: Nile to Kashghar #ISIL” hw would you come to #SealAfghanBorder for seeking peace in Pashtunkhwa? These are mere rhetoric of the authorities who are wasting time or are creating confusion among the Pashtuns living on both sides of the Durand Line.

A primary student understand what the ideology they are taught in their curricula, the Pakistan a country that remained a bi-product of the sub-continent freedom in the mid of twentieth century. The Pakistan is colored with many brushes; some of its pseudo intellectuals call its founding leader Jinnah as a secular liberal personality. Others see Iqbal who’s a Urdu and Persian poet as the country’s ideological father. Earlier Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was written the father of two nation theory; now going to the back seat because the man had secular thoughts and was strong supporter of scientific educational system; as far as I have observed him; but the brushes which paint him shows as if he was a good extremist religious cleric.

Coming back to Iqbal; in his well versed poetic language; this man has been a Marxist, then impressed by the post-modernism at the end awarded the sir title by British rulers (only to own agents and payroll it was awarded ref: the liberation movements of India); and became the ideological father; most of books explain that he’d the power to build Pakistan in his dream. He died decades before Britishers flee the Indian sub-continent. Iqbal guidence in Pakistani curricula was spread with much focus from Gen: Zia and his supporter political wing of Jamat Islami; the right group political party having its link in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Iqbal calls upon Muslim to remain one nation (a totally misinterpretation of the nation definition). Another call from Iqbal united Muslim nation (Millath) from “Nile banks to the land of Kashghar”. Iqbal’s Nile and Kashghar connection can be traced in the Islamic State, the deadliest organization in Iraq and Syria, manifesto. And in the future the said organization can get enough foot soldiers from Pakistan. Because this version of territory expansionism can be heard in verses he wrote; and Pakistanis follow them without any search.

The extremism centric literature in Pakistan was published in the Gen Zia era (1977 to 1988); and the leftist scientific writings were barred from being published; the democratic say was banned; freedom of expression, speech and media were axed by the martial ruler of the country. His legacy was not of him alone; it’s since the beginning of the country voyage; but he could only survive his elite of the Khakis to switch to Jihadi policies. As army men are only for artillery and defense so they see things in the prism of strategic aspect only. This is what Zia did; and his bravo general Musharaf kept it on in another format. On the record supporting world alliance after 9/11 but from behind giving sanctuaries, support to the world top terrorist organization Al-Qaeda and the Taliban factions on its soil (was proved after OBL death in a US navy seal raid and Mullah Omer death in Karachi based hospital).

The minorities in Pakistan are having no rights; the open discussions of extremism in the books we are taught are asserted an attack or activism against the state of Pakistan, nations are kept here as in a jail cell. The natural resources of the nations are plundered by the powerful military establishment erected body leading this country since the beginning.

P.S: Still you see Afghan border seal, Afghan cellular sims a cause of terror attacks in Pakistan?


#KhanShaheed an inspiration for us

Having his paternal connection to the Ahmed Shah Abdali’s top general and the conqueror of Panipath battle Barkhurdar Khan Achakzai and maternally he’s linked to Abdullah Khan Achakzai, the martyred and sparkle of first Anglo Afghan war; Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai aka Khan Shaheed got his political inspiration from King Amanullah Khan.

It was the day when Khan Shaheed went to Chaman the first town where King Amanullah Khan was leaving through train for his Europe tour, among the people of the area this young teenager was deeply observing the “Afghan King” and had firmly believing in him as own king though Khan Shaheed had opened eyes in the Afghan territory now under the rule of great Britain.

Early in the morning the first shocking seen for Khan Shaheed was when the British guards ready for King Amanullah Khan’s receiving had dirt on their boots and was cleaned with cloth pieces in the hands of “Indian servants”. This shocked him and kept him in deep thoughts, the second was when the King arrived and a huge mass of the Pashtuns was gathered and King came to their side they kept unmanaged discussion with him; which the King couldn’t hear.

According to Khan Shaheed the King asked “Is there anyone from you to talk to?” it imprinted on Khan Shaheed’s mind that our people are not organized and have no political leadership and this is clearly known from the King question. He writes further that the King went from them having no chat further was a kind of “disappointment”.

These were the impression pushed Khan Shaheed in thought to organize his people for the political struggle is need of the time otherwise we are in a greater number but unorganized mass will never become liberated from the “boot cleaning duties”. No matter how much wealthy we are and what are our history, culture and civilization. Khan Shaheed was firm believer of liberation; as human being is born free and should live free; freedom is his/her natural right.

The sub-continent was under the rule of Britishers; political movements were underway to liberate the continent from the rule of English powerful army. Khan Shaheed wanted a unity of the Pashtun Afghans and political awareness of their liberty and history was need of the time. As the subcontinent had been under invaders’ empire so the masses were not allowed to have freedom of speech, opinion, press and democracy was never felt in the entire continent.

Khan Shaheed always considered Afghanistan his motherland; as he writes about the Afghan Kings “our own King and Kingdom”; his writings are full of the Pashtun Afghan terms means he believed that greater Afghanistan existed and never let any power of the world to rule over them whether it was Alexander, Changez Khan, Halako Khan, Arab, Sassanids or the Sikhs. Every one of them felt the powerful slaps on their face in the form of Afghan National Movement.

The love of Afghan liberation and Afghan unity was in his blood from paternal fore father Barkhurdar Khan Achakzai the conqueror of Panipath and Ghazi Abdullah Khan Achakzai the sparkle of first Anglo Afghan war.

Khan Shaheed believed in peaceful political movement; this is why he’s arrested in his 13th year as political prisoner by the administration for arranging a demonstration in front of Gulistan High School. And he states that he respect his brother “Abdul Salam Khan Achakzai” because he’s the soul man who earns bread for his family and support him economically and has given him the freedom to remain active for the political struggle. But would never support Salam Khan if there is a “tribal or personnel fight” because Khan Shaheed sees the fight is never a way to overcome our issues; so remaining peaceful and rational is the only way to struggle. And aware people and let them active for their political and basic human rights.

This is the reason Khan Shaheed spend 33 years (out of his life 66 years) behind the bars and at home imprisonment by the British and then after 14th August 1947 by the Pakistani martials. He never missed a day to aware his people; and was the one man crusade who finally formed Anjuman e Watan political party, then Wror (brethren) Pashtun, joined National Awami Party, the biggest political party of the oppressed nations inside Pakistan when it violated its constitution so he separated and announced his own National Awami Party Pashtoonkhwa; now going through the struggle voyage as Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party, led by his son Mahmood Khan Achakzai as its chairman.

Khan Shaheed never compromised on democracy; he was firm believer that the people will would change our fate not of the “dictators” orders. This was why neither he compromised with the British nor after them with the Pakistan army’s powerful generals who violated the constitution and ruled the country under martial laws. Khan Shaheed asked for a federation of Pakistan where all nations would have equal rights and control over their resources and supremacy of parliament and rule of law.

He loved his language, culture, history and geography this is why when National Awami Party (NAP) failed to provide the Pashtun united unit in Pakistan; he agitated and formed his own political party to connected the masses from “Bolan—(the historical pass near Quetta) to Chitral” the peak of mountains in the north of Khyber Pashtunkhwa.

Khan Shaheed in his auto biography compares the two annual meetings of his village with the meetings of the ancient democratic parliament of Swiss—he had read about. And explain that every kind of issue whether it was social, health, economic, political or tribal rivalry was discussed in this gathering led by the “Meeraaow—the agrarian water management head”, someone knowing the writing and calculation of the water timing. This way he’s very satisfied by the counseling of Pashtun Afghans; and solving their issues through dialogue. This makes Khan Shaheed being impressed by the rule of law and democratic discussions in his ancestral village of Inayatullah Karez Gulistan.

Khan Shaheed never believed in hate; he narrates a story of his sister operation in Quetta Mission Hospital as he’s in his early age but meet the nurses in hospital. And even go with these Christian missionary hospital nurses to their home where he eats food with them (Christians were not felt religiously clean people). His parent had asked him about his absence, he clearly told them that he was with the nurses and spend his day with them ate with them. His parents had asked him “you ate with English nurses” he had replied of course; because they eat the same we eat and drink the same water we do then what’s the issue if I eat with them? (Christians were propagated to be eating pig meat and drinking wine).

Once the tribes men of Khan Shaheed abducted an English Major, a captain and major’s wife, though Khan Shaheed later came to know they were treated well in Afghanistan under the light of Pashtunwali—the Pashtun code of life. But it disturbed him in bars; because the man who had abducted these English had asked British government to release Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai (Khan Shaheed) as a demand. And Khan Shaheed was afraid of their being because in Pashtun society abducting a woman was considered the unforgiveable sin. And an inquiry was launched after Khan Shaheed and later he came to know that the Christian nurse had told the inquiry team about Khan Shaheed’s feelings toward her and his innocence before the British officials. Later on those English abductees were released safe and sound.

Khan Shaheed considered women as the equal part of our society, political and social system. This is why he was the pioneer to enroll his only daughter in school in a time when education even for boys was thought to be something wrong. But he broke the ice and let his followers to do the same. Later he didn’t stop taking his daughter on a political visit to Afghanistan; where she remained with him through the visit.

The philosophy of peaceful politics, democracy, social justice, equity among masses and nations, rights of nations on their natural resources were the areas struggled for. And always believed that Afghanistan the historical motherland of the Pashtuns on this side of the Durand Line; so considered it a form of a body. If somewhere in the body is burnt or in pain whole the body get pains. This is why he left a stronger message of unity for the Pashtun Afghan land as explained by him “from Aamu to Abasin (rivers) and Bolan to Chitral peaks”. He was tried to divert his peaceful way of politics and he didn’t compromise. On 2nd December 1973 Khan Shaheed room was thrown with two hand grenades and this terror attack separated him physically from us; but ideologically his mission widened and millions of Pashtun are now follower of his ideology in the form of Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party.

Source: “Zama Zhwand Aw Zhwandoon”– My life and livelyhood, the autobiography of Khan Shaheed Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai.

A reply to a Punjabi writer’s criticism on Taliban and Anti Taliban book by Farhat Taj

Went through the writer piece; though I am personally having positive approach to the writer Farhat Taj opinion, observations, data, research based work of the book he’s elaborated in his own words.

No doubt Pakistan is a federation instead of using a word “nation” for it; as Pakistan came into being on the lands of Pashtun, Baloch, Sindhi, Siraikis, Punjabis and Bengalis. What happened from day first till 1971 when Bengalis were rejected to have the ruling seat though they proved they were the majority.

After this the dictating eras and not letting Pakistan to become a democratic state in the future. Every army ruler from Ayub, Yahya, Zia, Musharaf tried their muscles to rule the country. And these illegal attacks on parliament and political forces have taken more than 50% of the total life period of the country. In this regard; the dictating rulers tried ways that were against the formation of Pakistan, its constitution, will of people. e.g: Gen Ayub didn’t surrender himself and even challenged the rule of Fatima Jinnah (sister of country’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah). As he was dictator so he used the establishment power to remain a ruler for a decade. And in his whole era took-over the then initial state of govt formation and ruled the country with the waves of his batton instead of respecting law made after 9 years of the creation of Pakistan.

Gen: Zia, though was switched to a way Pakistan had never faced with “extremism and terrorism” under the title of our religion Islam. And this way completed his decade long ruling by violating country’s constitution and killing the then elected Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (A Sindhi). He jumped to the USSR and US cold war as field commander of the imperialist block not for his ideological friendship with Americans and Jews but the only reason was to keep Afghanistan stab in the back that the Pashtun who are having majority in Pakistan and the longest piece of land in the country would never be asked by Afghanistan. As the history of Durand Line shows that the said Pashtun land in Pakistan was actually Afghan motherland and grabbed by the then British Empire in sub-continent after two Afghan Anglo wars for a century. This was used as a buffer to keep Afghans away from sub-continent and rule the continent calmly. After the creation of Pakistan Afghanistan opposed Pakistan in UN because it’s having half of Afghan historical territory in the newly born state on the face of Asia.

Therefore, Pashtuns are never owned nor given rights as rest of the nationalities Baloch, Sindhi, Siraikis and Bengalis. Pashtuns natural resources are exploited; let it alone even their historical motherland on the other side of Durand line is even now considered the fifth province of Pakistan. Because if Kabul raise its head would always demand the natural piece of its land and masses fensed in Pakistan through International Court of Justice in the light of International Law. Because the treaty of Britishers and Abdul Rahman Khan is not ratified for the second time to let Pashtun land a permanent part of Pakistan. This is why Pakistan remained the field commander of US-USSR cold war. And 100% of its interest was the weakening of Afghanistan for securing the remaining Pashtun lands and continuing their natural resources. Take a history of the Afghan warlords the then Mujahideen and then their change into Taliban and 9/11, Pakistan’s “U” turn in words with the then American President George W Bush Junior then dodging him and keeping international community aid and support make their way to Pakistan. A share of these aids was spent on the regrouping of Taliban to keep American and Nato forces busy in Afghanistan and never let the country raise as a developing state on the face of earth. These are proved that the world wanted Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden was killed miles away from Pakistan capital Islamabad; in the garison town of Abbottabad. Same is the case of recently announced death of the then emir of the faithful, as Taliban called him, Mullah Omer’s death in Karachi, the Quetta Shura, Haqqani Networ, Peshawar Shura active role attacking both the Afghan security forces and Nato field force for last 15 years.

No doubt Punjab is Pakistan and Pakistan is Punjab; if it had respect for other nations would have respected the Bengalis majority in 1970s democratic election. The only way of exploitation of nations including Pashtun, Baloch, Sindhi, Siraiki is by mean of terror. This is why even now as I write these lines; Pakistan F-16 Jet have bombarded the civilian populations in South Waziristan, these sort of activities take place in rest of FATA in the name of so called Zarb e Azb operation one and two (these operations are neither monitored by Human Right groups nor media) the only source we have is ISPR. And thousands of innocent people are killed in the so called Zarb e Azb. Drone only killed AlQaeda and their linked groups commander; would have also killed the civilians where these targets were hiding; and drone as a technology had only 0.001% of missing target where as Jet and Pakistani forces raids have 90 to 100% chances of civilian deaths if compared to the US drones.

I know that the writer is a student of Punjab university; and would be having love of his nationality Punjab but it doesn’t mean he should condemn some one Pashtun presenting data and research based facts being proved by the OBL, MO Quetta Shura, Peshawar Shura and Haqqani Network memebers death and their existence and safe heavens in Pakistan. Even now Pakistan army is having control of Pakistan government civilian policies as an unannounced war against Afghanistan is underway, Indian clashes take place on border. Iran is not happy and always shell mortars on Pakistani land because it feels threat from this piece of land we are part of. These are facts and can’t be hidden by a piece we write in the unseen or unintentional, emotional love of Pakistan (actually Punjab the piece of land the writer belong to).

Note: Link to the article who had criticized Farhat Taj’s book Taliban and Anti Taliban

United #Baloch Army claims #MastungMasacre killing 22 #Balochistan

The unlucky buses started their journey one from Chaman (the Balochistan bordering town with Afghanistan) and then went on to Pishin where it loaded its remaining passengers. A second bus was ready from Pishin and both started their journey from Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan toward Karachi. Who knew some 22 passengers out of 70, loaded on both the buses would be having their killers meet them in the midway in Mastung, a well-known district head quarter some miles away from Quetta.

The two buses were stopped by six men in the dark, thought they would be police searching the buses, and told us to get out of the bus, an aged man told reporters in Civil Hospital Quetta.

“I don’t know what was their language because we were stress and couldn’t judge them, now I can’t lie about their language”, he says.

The passengers were searched and asked to show their Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) citizenship cards, a necessity to be in one’s pocket in Pakistan. Twenty five of the passengers were singled out and taken away in the dark, “five of them were released, rest of them were fired on with automatic weapons”, told an injured driver on stretcher in the hospital.

They asked my name; “I spoke with them in Balochi, so they took me to the side and a single man started firing on all of them in the mountains”, says a eye witness, who’s a Pashtun. “I had my family, three ladies, and several other ladies in the back seats, only men were taken out”.

Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti talking to media confirmed the killing of passengers and connected the incident with the Research and Analysis Wing, an Indian spy agency.

Home Secretary Akber Durrani told reporters that the bus was from Pishin, neither Shia nor settlers were on board, and 19 of the passengers are killed, one severely injured, Levies, a local tribal force is put on to go back after the militants.

Abdul Khaliq, a relative of injured Muhammad Yaqoob Barakzai, from Pishin told that his brother had called him that for God sake contact security forces because they were fired upon by unknown gunmen in Mastung. “We contacted whoever we could and were hurry, now we got him he’s having several bullets been through his right arm, thanks God he’s alive because 19 of his fellow passengers were all killed”.

The families and relatives, citizens of Quetta, Pishin, Killa Abdullah, Chaman went on to sit-in in front of Governor and Chief Minister houses and chanted emotional slogans against government, security forces and the Baloch separatists.

“Three from our village, Hurramzai Saydan, Pishin are buried and we are on our way to homes”, told Ahsanullah Agha, a villager. “Two of them were the only bread winners of their families”.

The attack was claimed by United Baloch Army’s spokesperson Moreed Baloch claimed responsibility of the attack and called it a reaction to the ongoing security forces operation against Baloch separatists.

So far Baloch Republican Party (led by Brahmdagh Bugti), Baloch Liberation Army, Baloch Political leader who supports separatists movement Hyrbyair Marri have condemned the attack on Pashtun fellows, as well as Mehran Marri, a Baloch representative in the UN and younger son of Nawab Khairbakhsh Marri.

Balochistan chief minister Dr. Malik Baloch called an All Parties Conference in Quetta to be held in next week, he was accompanied by the opposition and Jamiat e Ulama Islam leader, Maulana Abdul Wasay, Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party’s Abdul Rahim Ziaratwa, Awami National Party’s Zamarak Khan Achakzai, Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti and several other MPAs gathered in Chief Minister House.

Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party and Traders Union (Anjuman e Tajaran) had called for strike where’s the government announced three days official mourning.

It’s very destructive sign, because Baloch are having only Pashtuns as a neutral population siding them morally, told Salam Sabir Baloch, a former Baloch Students Organization (Azad) leader. “Pashtun and Baloch are remained as brother, harmony never went from among them; it’s now a try to separate them and even possibly align them”.

#SocialAgreementNWA2015 and using this land #FATA for sanctuaries again

The current Social Agreement of North Waziristan states clearly that the people of FATA are to be obliged to FCR, the constitution of Pakistan and the administrative authorities (Political Agent) and let the security forces erect their camps where ever they want; never keep weapons; organize a forty members group looking after the region of tribe that no anti-state (Pakistan) element takes root or regroup. The development activities, compensations, would be provided to the tribes on equal basis (not equally with the rest of Pakistan’s masses). These orders are given and signed back on stamp papers as if these poor people were the cause of terror and extremism in the region.

Pre-history is known through the remaining of several archeological sites across Afghanistan and Pashtunkhwa (the Pashtun historical land in Pakistan) where the Zartasht and Buddhist remains prove that this land was once the center of civilization when today’s developed Europe was in Dark Ages. Herodotus has focused the Afghans living in this land of harder weathers, tough mountains and deserted plains. Alexander the great explains Pashtuns seeming divided in tribes and attacking with joint efforts toward invader; where no one can stand before their retaliation. And in his letter to his mom ‘every mom give birth to an Alexander here [Afghanistan]’. It’s doesn’t mean to interpret the motherland loving Pashtuns wrongly. If we look through the pages of history; the same are words by the rest of invaders of Afghan lands. Lets come to a piece of this land and zoom it a bit in the folds of history surf.

The name of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is well known if we go through the three Afghan Anglo wars, the Kashmir fight with India after 14 August 1947 (Pakistan had no regular army used tribes from this land as volunteer soldiers), then the USSR invasion of Afghanistan the resistance they felt from the said region, emergence of the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ that was called by the then Taliban regime and the Taliban movement from 1994 to 2001, and then comes the 9/11 World Trade Center attack that changed the political scenario of the region (Pakistan & Afghanistan).

The Fata makes headlines in national and international media whenever there is a hit by US drone strike or the bombing in Afghanistan on the ISAF & Nato, Afghan forces or on this side across Peshawar, Quetta, Gilgit Baltistan, Karachi are search and tracked back to this land, because, thousands of hardliner fighters and ideologues of the Arab, Chechen, Uzbek and Punjabis were pushed back from Tora Bora and rest of Afghanistan by the international coalition forces to take shelter in FATA with an aim to have a slap on the international community’s face (though Pakistan had undertaken the role of an ally in document but it proved duplicity for fulfilling its wishes of the ‘strategic depth’). Fata especially the North Waziristan Agency, Khyber and Barha areas are hit by the ongoing Zarb e Azb operation launched on the militant hide outs (according to Army ISPR where no other media organization or reporter is allowed to visit the area) and spread to Khyber one and then Khyber two (no one has the record of peaceful masses and militant killed in the ongoing deadliest operations).

Only in Pakistan head counts shows some 70 thousand (above 60 thousand Pashtuns) masses including 5 thousand security personnel being killed after the launch of war on terror a front made of “America (Nato Allies), Afghanistan and Pakistan”. In short this war has brought up here deadliest operations from Swat to South and North Waziristan. The last ones Zarb e Azb, Khyber One and Khyber Two were launched after the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif led government failed to progress the dialogue process with Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan after Karachi airport was attacked in the mean time.

Frontier Crimes Regulation is a black colonial law that has pushed the people of FATA to live a life of miseries; whether it was the colonial era or after the creation of Pakistan. A tribe is punished for the crime of an individual, no rule of law, the powerful or the establishment liked is supported against the poor members of tribe. Basic human rights, freedom of speech, opinion, and vote, basic needs provision (Health Education et cetra) are prohibited for almost 4 million population. The said law was only applied here to keep the British imperials rule on the sub-continent.

So a buffer zone was need of time between the Britain ruled India and the Tzarist Russia. It was a misfortune that the strategically attractive Pashtunkhwa was controlled by the Britishers after Gandamak and Durand treaties and encroachment of Afghan lands for the said purpose. That’s the reason why the Pashtun are still not aware of their basic human rights in the 21st century and are provided with a stricter and harder FCR to sign on for remaining faithful to Pakistan after being used as fuel of its strategic depth. These hardships, flees as IDPs, killing in operations, slaughtering by militants and arrest by law enforcers will go on until Pakistan remains a player in the American (super power) team. Pakistan remains hopeful to win the Ghazwa Hind and Ghazwa Khurasan (the religiously interpreted wars by Pakistani establishment doctrine). And the poor Pashtuns will blend in the blenders of so called holly wars.

Note: observing the situation it is never an end for FATA, as it is again prepared for remaining a sanctuary used for some more decades. As authorities are not sincere; they only keep these people in dark and would never remove their status of “black hole” for militants regrouping and emergence again and again.

Afghan cadets will get training in Pakistan

First group of six Afghan cadets arrive to Pakistan for a year and half training course at PMA Kakool the well known academy of the armed forces.

Janan Musazai, the Afghan ambassador in Pakistan advised the new comers to be in good relations with Pakistani training mates as well as with the ones who are from other nations.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai had never favored sending Afghan National Security Forces for training in Pakistan. This was the reason none of them visited Pakistan for training.

The development in relations of the two countries [Afghanistan-Pakistan] is a result of the new Afghan president Ashraf Ghani’s decision. After Pakistan Army chief Raheel Sharif’s visit to Kabul and showing interest in training Afghan National Security Forces in Pakistan.

Pakistan has always objected India’s presence in Afghanistan; every second person even from the civilian whose mentality is changed by the state controlled media will inquire ask his/her first question “Why 6 consulates of India are active across Afghanistan?” This mentality and attitude should be a cover for the longer war on Afghan soil stirred from the Pakistan based sanctuaries of the militant organizations like Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Network. That has caused deadliest attacks on Afghan Security Forces, Civic Institutions, infrastructure as well as the International Community forces who were at war with the Al-Qaeda and Afghan militants for last decade.

Pakistan and Afghanistan have a longer but bitter relations with each other, either it be the Durand Line issue, the Afghan so called Jihad (Civil war killing 3 million Afghans), the interference policy to promote Pakistan’s own strategic depth (Using Afghanistan as a base against Pakistan’s arch enemy India).

At the same time Afghanistan has been a country of interest not only for United States, NATO & ISAF allies as well as for the regional nations. And in this regard India has helped Afghanistan after the 9/11 Afghan and coalition forces war on Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Though it is clear India is not having its army on Afghan soil and never interested in doing so. The said nation has applied a friendly policy to promote development in Afghanistan that’ll be fruitful for sustainable peace in the region. Afghanistan security forces needed trainings so India has trained thousands of its cadets in the last decade, has financed several roads, schools, universities, hospitals, scholarship for thousands of Afghan students are some of the great support by the Asian brother nation India. On flip of this Pakistan had played its role in destabilizing [indirectly via Afghan militant support] and destroying every sector of life [education, health, infrastructure] during last decade.

Now Afghan President Ashraf Ghani would have changed the government policy for a friendly change toward an unfriendly Pakistan would benefit them [Afghans]. Nothing more to expect from Pakistan but at least secure Afghanistan current infrastructure and institutions from Pakistan based and trained militants. And Afghanistan this gesture will show Pakistan that both of India and Pakistan are equally considered in Afghanistan. But this won’t stop Pakistanis asking their questions on the presence of Indian consulates around Afghanistan. Nor Pakistan is in a mode to assist Afghanistan for development in a negligible size compared to India. Let’s see what happens next.

Both Aimal Faizi, the spokesman to former Afghan president Hamid Karzai and the then Afghan intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh are not seeing this a wise move. Saleh had always wanted to start a NATO and ISAF operation on the Pakistani soil because international community knew none of the Afghan militant existed in Afghanistan. They were only injected from the other side of the Durand line [Pashtun areas in Pakistan].

Indian remain friendly to world powers but not Pakistan

Nations are as living beings whenever they feel cold they try to have some fuel for keeping him/herself warm, do sunbathing, find energetic food to keep him more warmer, when the weather take its turn and it comes to hot summer. The same individuals try to drink cold and keep themselves in shelter away from the scorching sun.

Lets look into India and Pakistan changing their policies toward world powers.

When Pakistan joined the imperialist block in 1960s and the Indian moved to ‪#‎USSR‬ because the two neighboring states were pursuing their rivalries over the water & territory disputes of Kashmir. I remind the quote that states that politics is not something written on a rock piece to remain permanent.

Now or some decades earlier after the USSR down, India has switched back to US for the betterment of a prosperous and peaceful developed Indian state. Political thoughts and views can see a change when there’s will of the masses. The people of India formed a real democratic nation having a diversity of dozens of nations inside it providing shelter to the bigger share of world masses I mean No.2 after China. But she still tries her best to switch those policies which are never in the shape of religious ideology but clearly interest based.

Look, just got a news how mourning starts in India over the death of ‪#‎KingAbdullah‬, a Muslim monarch from Saudi Arabia, she never miss the chance & ignore the death because in the near future she’d be planning to have a space in Middle East market for her exported goods as well as men-power who work there in different fields and earn plenty of some return back to their families in India or to their Indian nation.

Now, lets come our side, I means Pakistan. We are still stuck to the theorem of he’s Yahood & she is Nasara [Indians see interests whether it is in Muslim, Yahood, Nasara or anyone else she doesn’t care her foreign policies be formed with a mix up of her Hindo religious thoughts]. And Indians are now peaking the mountain of development, business and trade as a key player in the South Asian or I will say in Asia.

Isn’t it a chance for Pakistan to follow the way Indians and other neighbors and regional countries do instead of stuck to the decades old expired policies of strategic depth in Afghanistan and “Kashmir Hamari Shehrag hay”. Yeah, we know we want to bleed this Shehrag that would kill us automatically. Wise people and leadership chalk out wiser decisions.

It is clear that India has made wiser decision but I feel a complete absence on Pakistani side when we go through the chart of history explaining Pakistan in international relations with neighboring countries and world power.

Therefore even now as I type this blog those who [Pakistan intelligentsia responsible for policy change] are still stuck to their decades old mindset and mentalities. Please you are requested to have a look over the result of the previous deadliest policies and its impact on Pakistan as a south Asian nation. That’s why this enrich country would surely have its death by the hands of terror groups she had supported to breed in its soil for decades.