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#SealAfghanBorder another way to confuse people

After the terrorist attack on Bacha Khan University, where the non-violent leader of Pashtuns Fakhr e Afghan Bacha Khan’s death anniversary was planned to be a poetry gathering. And the children raised by the hardcore militant wings and terrorist organizations had selected the day for a sheer message that the hardline ideology Pakistan pursue is never accepting Bacha Khan’s peace loving messages.

Now as I write these lines; a trend that’s referring to seal Afghan Border makes me write this piece. I should mention that the trends are always spread by the Pakistan powerful army anonymous accounts on twitter and other social media websites.

We can ask the Pakistanis who are still clapping their hands from behind the curtain on the death and blood pools of Pashtun nation. The ideological boundary of Pakistan raised terrorist groups is from “Iqbal: Nile to Kashghar #ISIL” hw would you come to #SealAfghanBorder for seeking peace in Pashtunkhwa? These are mere rhetoric of the authorities who are wasting time or are creating confusion among the Pashtuns living on both sides of the Durand Line.

A primary student understand what the ideology they are taught in their curricula, the Pakistan a country that remained a bi-product of the sub-continent freedom in the mid of twentieth century. The Pakistan is colored with many brushes; some of its pseudo intellectuals call its founding leader Jinnah as a secular liberal personality. Others see Iqbal who’s a Urdu and Persian poet as the country’s ideological father. Earlier Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was written the father of two nation theory; now going to the back seat because the man had secular thoughts and was strong supporter of scientific educational system; as far as I have observed him; but the brushes which paint him shows as if he was a good extremist religious cleric.

Coming back to Iqbal; in his well versed poetic language; this man has been a Marxist, then impressed by the post-modernism at the end awarded the sir title by British rulers (only to own agents and payroll it was awarded ref: the liberation movements of India); and became the ideological father; most of books explain that he’d the power to build Pakistan in his dream. He died decades before Britishers flee the Indian sub-continent. Iqbal guidence in Pakistani curricula was spread with much focus from Gen: Zia and his supporter political wing of Jamat Islami; the right group political party having its link in the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Iqbal calls upon Muslim to remain one nation (a totally misinterpretation of the nation definition). Another call from Iqbal united Muslim nation (Millath) from “Nile banks to the land of Kashghar”. Iqbal’s Nile and Kashghar connection can be traced in the Islamic State, the deadliest organization in Iraq and Syria, manifesto. And in the future the said organization can get enough foot soldiers from Pakistan. Because this version of territory expansionism can be heard in verses he wrote; and Pakistanis follow them without any search.

The extremism centric literature in Pakistan was published in the Gen Zia era (1977 to 1988); and the leftist scientific writings were barred from being published; the democratic say was banned; freedom of expression, speech and media were axed by the martial ruler of the country. His legacy was not of him alone; it’s since the beginning of the country voyage; but he could only survive his elite of the Khakis to switch to Jihadi policies. As army men are only for artillery and defense so they see things in the prism of strategic aspect only. This is what Zia did; and his bravo general Musharaf kept it on in another format. On the record supporting world alliance after 9/11 but from behind giving sanctuaries, support to the world top terrorist organization Al-Qaeda and the Taliban factions on its soil (was proved after OBL death in a US navy seal raid and Mullah Omer death in Karachi based hospital).

The minorities in Pakistan are having no rights; the open discussions of extremism in the books we are taught are asserted an attack or activism against the state of Pakistan, nations are kept here as in a jail cell. The natural resources of the nations are plundered by the powerful military establishment erected body leading this country since the beginning.

P.S: Still you see Afghan border seal, Afghan cellular sims a cause of terror attacks in Pakistan?


#PeaceTalks with Afghan Taliban

Afghanistan, Pakistan, United States and China are going to the table once again to put an end to the paused peace process of Afghanistan with the Afghan Taliban. Earlier the process was stopped owing to the death disclosure of the then Taliban head (emir of the faithful as they call) Mullah Omer at a time when Kabul and Islamabad was reaching to a work plan.

This time Taliban are not invited as they have already demanded direct talks with the United States instead of Afghan government (as they always gesture to the second as puppet).

Sartaj Aziz, a veteran politician of PMLN and, the Pakistan’s foreign affairs adviser to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has already stated that he can’t name the factions of Taliban ready for the talks with Afghanistan (Dawn Reported).

The four point agenda would be 1) Taliban would be asked to gain their political goals via dialogues instead of insecurity 2) paving the way for direct talks with Taliban 3) confidence building and bringing Taliban to the dialogue table 4) a realistic and flexible roadmap, steps and phases, but to avoid unrealistic targets and deadlines.

No doubt this time the shape of Taliban dialogue would be changing; because they are already shown divided in different factions as gestured by Sartaj Aziz. And their killing of parties in Pakistan as well as Afghanistan is reported since they met in Murree (reported by Daily Beast) some two years ago one of their leading commanders in absence of Mullah Omer called upon the groups to stop killing leaders. It happened after some of the Quetta Shura members were killed in Quetta (In news outlet Taliban pointed their fingers on National Directorate of Security, Afghan spy agency).

The Chinese expansion in the region as one of the emerging power from the east is obvious; it’s planned its corridor net in Pakistan would be stretching to the Central Asian Countries soon using Afghanistan as its shortest way connecting it further to the Pakistani deep seaport of Gawadar. On the other hand Americans are angry over the speedy popping up of new terrorist group Islamic State (Daesh an Arabic Acronym) in Afghanistan Pakistan region. This group can derail the fourteen years old investment, military, logistics, revenue use of the International Coalition partners in NATO; where the biggest share is made by the United States. This is the reason these two nations China and US middle the dialogue between Afghanistan and the Afghan Taliban (who are reportedly stationed in their safe heavens in Pakistan).

The dialogue mantra is not new; earlier former Afghan president Hamid Karzai tried his level best; he was even named the “Taliban brother” by his opponent, for his struggle taking his “angry brothers”, as he called them in his speeches, on board. But those dialogues would always find an unknown blow sometimes by the middling Americans and almost by the disturbing attacks on NATO, Afghan security forces and the civilian from Taliban. And such event would always get a restart after a go on and go off turns in the process. Afghanistan even lost the Afghan leader Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani, a farmer Mujahideen leader and head of the Peace Council a committee created to monitor and go for dialogue with Taliban.

Afghan government, intelligentsia, spy agency reports, even the western media would name the only name “Pakistan” being the double standard ally in dialogue with the Taliban. Because it was viewed by some analysts that Pakistan wanted to give a tough time to International Community at the same time would hide its face behind the so called peace dialogue process.

Again in four point agenda it’s visible that Pakistan is not in the favor to bound Taliban for ceasing attacks across Afghanistan. As Sartaj Aziz has already talked about several Taliban groups; no doubt one group led by the Akhtar Mansoor, the nearest one to Pakistan’s spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence would be brought to the table. But his rival groups are showed not to be in control of Pakistan, who experts’ states are under the same Pakistani umbrella but only showed to the world as divided. And this would be the only excuse this time not to let the peace process find its destination.

How confusion is created when Mullah Omer death is announced after two year?

The death of Mullah Omer, is sudden news of 2 years old death, but force #Afghan Taliban leadership to mourn for three days now. First news released that the second in command Mullah Akhter Mansoor had differences with him and he was killed (According to Fidai Mahaz led by Mansoor Dadullah) then it was stated an ordinary death owing to kidney failure in Karachi hospitals (first by Khamaa News & then by BBC).

Pakistan is never that naive, nor that simple, it plays till the last and keeps all cards in its hand till getting the victory. No matter whether it was Osama Bin Laden the well known AlQaeda supremo or now it’s Mullah Muhammad Omer, the emir of the faithful. How this country is cashing these things just enjoy watching its tactics and techniques it plays with others. Even the well known world power United States is dodged in different missions. Or I would say from the last three decades when the Afghan Holly War was started in a combined way.

What’s happening next, who’s been given the supremo power, what would be his duties, how would the Afghanistan government be dealt in a time when the ISAF forces have almost left Afghanistan and the new elections have changed the throne of Kabul ruler from Hamid Karzai​ to Ashraf Ghani​. I still am confused and feel this all game being hijacked by Islamabad at the end of the day. But lets see, enjoy reading analysis, sources, news and views.

Tough time for PTI led government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The scorching sun shines on the black top roads, heat is multiplied during the day, people take rest after long day and night campaigns.

Fawad Ahmed, 22, a youth graduate from Edwardes College Peshawar, is one of the candidate who had submitted his document to be elected in the local bodies election spent all his pocket money he had spent through the year and rest were collected by fellow friends in donations for his advertisement.

“At least I am happy, I contested on my own behalf, even my father was not in favor of my election”, says Fawad. “At least 33 voters came into my favor, I am still satisfied at least these youths who voted for me are endorsing new blood in the system”.

On 30 May, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government led by Pakistan Tehreek Insaf let people poll for electing their locally elected bodies. As civilized nations who are on the peak of development have always divided powers and have let it go down to the gross root level.

Always filled his speeches with western ideas, democracy, justice, equal rights, Imran Khan this time announced that his led government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa failed to deliver and do elect local bodies without any failure. Where mismanagement and interference by the government leading party messed everything across the province.

In Dir, Sawabi and some more districts were reported where women were barred from vote casting. Some 12 people killed in different clashes among the political parties, one of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf minister Ali Amin Gandapur has been arrested by law enforcement agencies in a blame to be connected to the massive irregularities in the election where thousands of men, women, youth, peasants were to be elected.

Gul Pari, 50, cost her vote in Hayat Abad Peshawar. “There was a rush, I only stamped the first two candidates, rest five I couldn’t find their symbols in the rush and left the polling station”.

This time again the conservatives and secular a like wanted to compromise on women vote and stop them coming out to poll their vote, told Shad Begum, a women right activist in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“I visited and observed the female voters and their vote cast in Dir (the KP district)”, says Shad Begum.

Early in the morning till the closure of the polling stations I didn’t see the much enthusiastic voters, nor there were lines as earlier in General Elections, probably people were not motivated and made aware about the importance of the local elections.

While came to Peshawar University and heard Sana Shah a female Presiding Officer (in Kohat, one of KP district); and understood the mismanaged process of local bodies election as explained by her as “the worse experience” of her life she had ever faced in electioneering.

She told she was threatened that she’d got money and one of her colleague in the side polling station even got beats from different male contestant. When we come to our own “interest” we throw culture behind us. No codes remain; even not the teaching we preach all the time from stages.

The same polls were peaceful when Musharaf, the then Army dictator turned president of Pakistan, had ordered them (masses); and army was deployed. So (from the same masses) no body bothered to be violent even none made their pitch of sound higher, she told. “Do you know the religious party and rest all were having their supporters and polling agents who would always run and tell me; you have been paid by the (PTI led) government”. What could one do being a women in among hundreds of illiterate women and violently looking polling agents and competing candidates for local bodies election?

What happens when “we are free to vote; then why should we disturb it and violate every possible law”, she questioned. Leave laws, even own culture “beating women polling staff”.

Another reporter Hidayat Khan who was covering the electioneering process in Charsada and Naukhar districts told that one of the candidate son hit a female polling staff member with his feet.

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf leader, a farmer cricketer, Imran Khan had earlier vowed that he’ll use EVM “electronic voting machines” this was the reason he delayed local bodies election. We observed his brain child “LB election plans’ the worst. Seven vote at the same time; but with in sufficient staff made everything a mess.

Male were disturbing female polling stations, every time the male contesting candidate would enter and use harsher language and stop the process, Sanna Ejaz a right activist told. “Government leading party used machinery (polling staff always government officials) to disturb and make election fake”.

It’s not possible for a single illiterate man or women to cost 7 votes in a single time and keep all the “symbols” in mind, she explained. “Symbols were mismanaged for example both Printer and Photostat were symbols I checked them and they were much familiar; how would one stamp his/her candidates symbol?”

After the failure in electioneering locally, PTI chairman Imran Khan accepted that elections were not held purely and mismanagement, irregularities were part of it. But he let Election Commission of Pakistan to decide whether announcing or not a “re-election” in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

On the other hand, soon after the irregularities in election, Awami National Party, chief Asfand Yar Wali Khan raised his finger on the failures of provincial government in local bodies elections and told reporters that his party would launch agitation until unless the current non-competent government overthrow. Because they are unable to deliver to the masses across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Now, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa based opposition parties have launched the same kind of protest. And a question come in mind would the PTI government bear these protestors and agitating parties in the same manner as PMLN did to them in Islamabad? Or they’ll use other undemocratic forces for making hurdles in the way of opposition parties?

When asked a senior analyst Rasheed Afaq, would the opposition use their muscles in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for ousting the current government? As three main parties ANP JUIF and PPP are in the front row.

Afaq views the rigging in local bodies election as intentional, because the PTI chairman want to announce re-election through Election Commission of Pakistan’s decision because of irregularities.

He adds, at the same time, PTI would enforce Election Commission of Pakistan to announce country wide general election because it’s having proof of massive irregularities in the 2013 general election in the country. That led the now Premier Mian Nawaz Sharif and his Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) to win majority seats.

United #Baloch Army claims #MastungMasacre killing 22 #Balochistan

The unlucky buses started their journey one from Chaman (the Balochistan bordering town with Afghanistan) and then went on to Pishin where it loaded its remaining passengers. A second bus was ready from Pishin and both started their journey from Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan toward Karachi. Who knew some 22 passengers out of 70, loaded on both the buses would be having their killers meet them in the midway in Mastung, a well-known district head quarter some miles away from Quetta.

The two buses were stopped by six men in the dark, thought they would be police searching the buses, and told us to get out of the bus, an aged man told reporters in Civil Hospital Quetta.

“I don’t know what was their language because we were stress and couldn’t judge them, now I can’t lie about their language”, he says.

The passengers were searched and asked to show their Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) citizenship cards, a necessity to be in one’s pocket in Pakistan. Twenty five of the passengers were singled out and taken away in the dark, “five of them were released, rest of them were fired on with automatic weapons”, told an injured driver on stretcher in the hospital.

They asked my name; “I spoke with them in Balochi, so they took me to the side and a single man started firing on all of them in the mountains”, says a eye witness, who’s a Pashtun. “I had my family, three ladies, and several other ladies in the back seats, only men were taken out”.

Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti talking to media confirmed the killing of passengers and connected the incident with the Research and Analysis Wing, an Indian spy agency.

Home Secretary Akber Durrani told reporters that the bus was from Pishin, neither Shia nor settlers were on board, and 19 of the passengers are killed, one severely injured, Levies, a local tribal force is put on to go back after the militants.

Abdul Khaliq, a relative of injured Muhammad Yaqoob Barakzai, from Pishin told that his brother had called him that for God sake contact security forces because they were fired upon by unknown gunmen in Mastung. “We contacted whoever we could and were hurry, now we got him he’s having several bullets been through his right arm, thanks God he’s alive because 19 of his fellow passengers were all killed”.

The families and relatives, citizens of Quetta, Pishin, Killa Abdullah, Chaman went on to sit-in in front of Governor and Chief Minister houses and chanted emotional slogans against government, security forces and the Baloch separatists.

“Three from our village, Hurramzai Saydan, Pishin are buried and we are on our way to homes”, told Ahsanullah Agha, a villager. “Two of them were the only bread winners of their families”.

The attack was claimed by United Baloch Army’s spokesperson Moreed Baloch claimed responsibility of the attack and called it a reaction to the ongoing security forces operation against Baloch separatists.

So far Baloch Republican Party (led by Brahmdagh Bugti), Baloch Liberation Army, Baloch Political leader who supports separatists movement Hyrbyair Marri have condemned the attack on Pashtun fellows, as well as Mehran Marri, a Baloch representative in the UN and younger son of Nawab Khairbakhsh Marri.

Balochistan chief minister Dr. Malik Baloch called an All Parties Conference in Quetta to be held in next week, he was accompanied by the opposition and Jamiat e Ulama Islam leader, Maulana Abdul Wasay, Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party’s Abdul Rahim Ziaratwa, Awami National Party’s Zamarak Khan Achakzai, Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti and several other MPAs gathered in Chief Minister House.

Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party and Traders Union (Anjuman e Tajaran) had called for strike where’s the government announced three days official mourning.

It’s very destructive sign, because Baloch are having only Pashtuns as a neutral population siding them morally, told Salam Sabir Baloch, a former Baloch Students Organization (Azad) leader. “Pashtun and Baloch are remained as brother, harmony never went from among them; it’s now a try to separate them and even possibly align them”.

Can we force people love? “Love Pakistan or Leave Pakistan” forces graffiti on Torkham

Some time I find Journalists biased even in the very hard times faced by Pakistan’s masses from the oppressed nations of Pashtuns, Baloch, Sindhis, Siraikis.

Feelings come through ones inner person. Feelings can’t be explain on a mere piece of paper or a sketchy image on a wall; attempt to show them is possible. Went through a piece by a writer Atika Rehman on Landi Kotal.

Though I liked her story on the area. I came to know that she had pasted a photo of graffiti by the Khasadar/FrontierCorps cantt/check-post. “Love Pakistan or leave Pakistan”, she has explained it the patriotism. “A fiercely patriotic sign at Torkham border between Afghanistan and Pakistan” caption by Atika.

I appreciated her story but can’t control my feelings going through the day to day miseries of fellow ‪#‎Pashtuns‬ from across FATA (North South, Mohmand, Afridis, Shinwari, Wazirs, Maseed, Bitani, Dotani….. the list go on). And again ask a question from myself that one knowing about the double standard of the country’s powerful establishment led by its top spy agency. The poor people of FATA of not knowing any sort of terror, these areas once remained the most peaceful villages and towns in the country (have a search of the history). Then installed with different factories of terrorism and extremism. The leading figures from FATA killed followed by the wrath of Arab, Chechen, Uzbek, Tajik, Punjabi commanders.

As I write these lines, the trend on FATA and youths from this land are tweeting their miseries and a whole branch of Afridi Tribe, Sipah is fined millions of PKR under the FCR black law. And millions of them are yet to make their way to North Waziristan after the devastating operation (in mean of destroying peoples houses and businesses up to the date I haven’t got any statistics of ISPR having a catch of the militants raised for interference in Afghanistan).

Now a question how will the slogan of “Love Pakistan or leave Pakistan” work? Or how can we call this a patriotism? I have known patriotism come through volunteer feelings of the masses. It can’t be enforced.

We know how disturbed are Pashtuns across Pakistan? And how miserable life they are having? Even their citizenship is challenged in Punjab, Sindh and rest of Pakistan. The new phase of operations under National Action Plan is now explained by the political youth of Pashtuns as a plan against us [Pashtuns] not the terrorists.

I doubt the writer is true in explaining the slogan as patriotism unless Pashtuns are kept equal to the ones living in Punjab’s boundaries.

Afghanistan and Pakistan spy agencies sign MoU

Memorandum of Understanding between Afghanistan and Pakistan spy agencies NDS and ISI, NDS chief Nabil says he’s not signed. The two countries are nearer on security issues with each other after the deadliest attack on a Peshawar based Army Public School that killed several children.

Whereas the current Afghan president Ashraf Ghani has showed much flexibility toward Pakistan if compared with the former Afghan presidentHamid Karzai.

Currently the Afghanistan elected leadership especially the president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and the former president Hamid Karzai, his team members and the security officials, particularly the former NDS chiefAmrullah Saleh and current chief Nabil are never siding with this all easy change in Afghan policy toward Pakistan.

As far as observed from Pakistani media; the Pakistan based intelligentsia mostly biased toward Afghanistan, their country are backing the current improvement in the relations between the two countries. Because a theory of “strategic depth” and Pakistan interference in Afghanistan was thought to be ousting India and its impact on Kabul as a friend. (India has no soldier on Afghan land) Though India has played a key role in promoting Afghanistan development.

Another school of thought used to elaborate the situation that Pakistan is willing to install Taliban and get influence over Kabul more to its arch rival India. What would they think about the issue now as Afghanistan new government has given enough space to Pakistan. Even MoU between the spy agencies of the two countries.