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#PeaceTalks with Afghan Taliban

Afghanistan, Pakistan, United States and China are going to the table once again to put an end to the paused peace process of Afghanistan with the Afghan Taliban. Earlier the process was stopped owing to the death disclosure of the then Taliban head (emir of the faithful as they call) Mullah Omer at a time when Kabul and Islamabad was reaching to a work plan.

This time Taliban are not invited as they have already demanded direct talks with the United States instead of Afghan government (as they always gesture to the second as puppet).

Sartaj Aziz, a veteran politician of PMLN and, the Pakistan’s foreign affairs adviser to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has already stated that he can’t name the factions of Taliban ready for the talks with Afghanistan (Dawn Reported).

The four point agenda would be 1) Taliban would be asked to gain their political goals via dialogues instead of insecurity 2) paving the way for direct talks with Taliban 3) confidence building and bringing Taliban to the dialogue table 4) a realistic and flexible roadmap, steps and phases, but to avoid unrealistic targets and deadlines.

No doubt this time the shape of Taliban dialogue would be changing; because they are already shown divided in different factions as gestured by Sartaj Aziz. And their killing of parties in Pakistan as well as Afghanistan is reported since they met in Murree (reported by Daily Beast) some two years ago one of their leading commanders in absence of Mullah Omer called upon the groups to stop killing leaders. It happened after some of the Quetta Shura members were killed in Quetta (In news outlet Taliban pointed their fingers on National Directorate of Security, Afghan spy agency).

The Chinese expansion in the region as one of the emerging power from the east is obvious; it’s planned its corridor net in Pakistan would be stretching to the Central Asian Countries soon using Afghanistan as its shortest way connecting it further to the Pakistani deep seaport of Gawadar. On the other hand Americans are angry over the speedy popping up of new terrorist group Islamic State (Daesh an Arabic Acronym) in Afghanistan Pakistan region. This group can derail the fourteen years old investment, military, logistics, revenue use of the International Coalition partners in NATO; where the biggest share is made by the United States. This is the reason these two nations China and US middle the dialogue between Afghanistan and the Afghan Taliban (who are reportedly stationed in their safe heavens in Pakistan).

The dialogue mantra is not new; earlier former Afghan president Hamid Karzai tried his level best; he was even named the “Taliban brother” by his opponent, for his struggle taking his “angry brothers”, as he called them in his speeches, on board. But those dialogues would always find an unknown blow sometimes by the middling Americans and almost by the disturbing attacks on NATO, Afghan security forces and the civilian from Taliban. And such event would always get a restart after a go on and go off turns in the process. Afghanistan even lost the Afghan leader Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani, a farmer Mujahideen leader and head of the Peace Council a committee created to monitor and go for dialogue with Taliban.

Afghan government, intelligentsia, spy agency reports, even the western media would name the only name “Pakistan” being the double standard ally in dialogue with the Taliban. Because it was viewed by some analysts that Pakistan wanted to give a tough time to International Community at the same time would hide its face behind the so called peace dialogue process.

Again in four point agenda it’s visible that Pakistan is not in the favor to bound Taliban for ceasing attacks across Afghanistan. As Sartaj Aziz has already talked about several Taliban groups; no doubt one group led by the Akhtar Mansoor, the nearest one to Pakistan’s spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence would be brought to the table. But his rival groups are showed not to be in control of Pakistan, who experts’ states are under the same Pakistani umbrella but only showed to the world as divided. And this would be the only excuse this time not to let the peace process find its destination.


Afghanistan: Qatar peace talks with Afghan Taliban

The media organizations focused on Afghanistan are busy reporting the Qatar based gathering of Afghan Taliban and the High Peace Council of Afghanistan.

Afghan government has formed its delegation to meet the Qatar based Afghan Taliban political secretariat. The Doha based group of Taliban leadership is well known for their diplomatic stay and office since the previous government under farmer president Hamid Karzai made several attempts taking Taliban in confidence and some time calling them “brothers”.

The Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid had earlier stated about the gathering to be a conference where views would be share. Seems that they are not bound to discuss the forth coming peace process, they are here merely sharing point of views.

Earlier sources of different media groups had released the secrets that Taliban would be handed over the power of Southern Provinces neighboring Pakistan, from where the sanctuaries of Afghan Taliban are told active.

According to some analysts Pakistan seems to have changed its attitude toward the militancy in Afghanistan and both the countries Pakistan and Afghanistan have find a safe side of dialogue; this boosted after the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan attacked the Peshawar based Army Public School, killing some 132 children and school staff and wounding several others. The visits by Pakistan Chief of Army Staff Gen: Raheel Sharif and ISI DG to Kabul was hoped to be building a shared strategy to counter terrorism in the region. And then Afghan president Ashraf Ghani visited Pakistan, an outcry was heard from inside Afghan circles when he visited General Headquarters the Pakistan army high office near Islamabad.

After months of the peace meetings now the Afghan Interior Minister Noorul Haq Uloomi, has claimed in his recent comments to media “Our south is disturbed by our enemy and the north by friends”. In Afghanistan enemy is a term used for the militants, mostly Taliban and probably now Islamic State, yet to be taking ground. And other experts also raised fingers over Pakistan role in stopping the sanctuaries on its soil in Quetta, Peshawar and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) well known for Quetta Shura, Haqqani Network and Hizb e Islami (Gulbadin Hekmatyar).

A new fold may come in dialogue with the Taliban, as Pakistan is said to be fully pressurizing Afghan Taliban to become part of the peace process. But the said process is a sign of concern after the Southern Commander and Kandahar Police chief Gen: Raziq told that him and other Afghan National Security Forces Commanders head are told to be the price of peace negotiation with Taliban, he further added that he’s having documents where the Afghan High Peace Council exchange sensitive information with the Taliban commanders. According to him the Afghan security officials who are die hard front line figures would be killed by the will of foreign spy agencies in the disguise of Taliban.

On the other hand Chief Executive of Afghanistan Dr. Abdullah Abdullah told a gathering nominating the Kandahar new governor that those sons of the soil who are defending motherland are laudable. And it’s never possible to exchange their lives for making peace with Taliban. If the concerns of Afghan security officials become true and the high command of the Afghan National Security Forces is killed, it would surely create a chaos in the already fragile government led by President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.

#SocialAgreementNWA2015 and using this land #FATA for sanctuaries again

The current Social Agreement of North Waziristan states clearly that the people of FATA are to be obliged to FCR, the constitution of Pakistan and the administrative authorities (Political Agent) and let the security forces erect their camps where ever they want; never keep weapons; organize a forty members group looking after the region of tribe that no anti-state (Pakistan) element takes root or regroup. The development activities, compensations, would be provided to the tribes on equal basis (not equally with the rest of Pakistan’s masses). These orders are given and signed back on stamp papers as if these poor people were the cause of terror and extremism in the region.

Pre-history is known through the remaining of several archeological sites across Afghanistan and Pashtunkhwa (the Pashtun historical land in Pakistan) where the Zartasht and Buddhist remains prove that this land was once the center of civilization when today’s developed Europe was in Dark Ages. Herodotus has focused the Afghans living in this land of harder weathers, tough mountains and deserted plains. Alexander the great explains Pashtuns seeming divided in tribes and attacking with joint efforts toward invader; where no one can stand before their retaliation. And in his letter to his mom ‘every mom give birth to an Alexander here [Afghanistan]’. It’s doesn’t mean to interpret the motherland loving Pashtuns wrongly. If we look through the pages of history; the same are words by the rest of invaders of Afghan lands. Lets come to a piece of this land and zoom it a bit in the folds of history surf.

The name of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is well known if we go through the three Afghan Anglo wars, the Kashmir fight with India after 14 August 1947 (Pakistan had no regular army used tribes from this land as volunteer soldiers), then the USSR invasion of Afghanistan the resistance they felt from the said region, emergence of the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ that was called by the then Taliban regime and the Taliban movement from 1994 to 2001, and then comes the 9/11 World Trade Center attack that changed the political scenario of the region (Pakistan & Afghanistan).

The Fata makes headlines in national and international media whenever there is a hit by US drone strike or the bombing in Afghanistan on the ISAF & Nato, Afghan forces or on this side across Peshawar, Quetta, Gilgit Baltistan, Karachi are search and tracked back to this land, because, thousands of hardliner fighters and ideologues of the Arab, Chechen, Uzbek and Punjabis were pushed back from Tora Bora and rest of Afghanistan by the international coalition forces to take shelter in FATA with an aim to have a slap on the international community’s face (though Pakistan had undertaken the role of an ally in document but it proved duplicity for fulfilling its wishes of the ‘strategic depth’). Fata especially the North Waziristan Agency, Khyber and Barha areas are hit by the ongoing Zarb e Azb operation launched on the militant hide outs (according to Army ISPR where no other media organization or reporter is allowed to visit the area) and spread to Khyber one and then Khyber two (no one has the record of peaceful masses and militant killed in the ongoing deadliest operations).

Only in Pakistan head counts shows some 70 thousand (above 60 thousand Pashtuns) masses including 5 thousand security personnel being killed after the launch of war on terror a front made of “America (Nato Allies), Afghanistan and Pakistan”. In short this war has brought up here deadliest operations from Swat to South and North Waziristan. The last ones Zarb e Azb, Khyber One and Khyber Two were launched after the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif led government failed to progress the dialogue process with Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan after Karachi airport was attacked in the mean time.

Frontier Crimes Regulation is a black colonial law that has pushed the people of FATA to live a life of miseries; whether it was the colonial era or after the creation of Pakistan. A tribe is punished for the crime of an individual, no rule of law, the powerful or the establishment liked is supported against the poor members of tribe. Basic human rights, freedom of speech, opinion, and vote, basic needs provision (Health Education et cetra) are prohibited for almost 4 million population. The said law was only applied here to keep the British imperials rule on the sub-continent.

So a buffer zone was need of time between the Britain ruled India and the Tzarist Russia. It was a misfortune that the strategically attractive Pashtunkhwa was controlled by the Britishers after Gandamak and Durand treaties and encroachment of Afghan lands for the said purpose. That’s the reason why the Pashtun are still not aware of their basic human rights in the 21st century and are provided with a stricter and harder FCR to sign on for remaining faithful to Pakistan after being used as fuel of its strategic depth. These hardships, flees as IDPs, killing in operations, slaughtering by militants and arrest by law enforcers will go on until Pakistan remains a player in the American (super power) team. Pakistan remains hopeful to win the Ghazwa Hind and Ghazwa Khurasan (the religiously interpreted wars by Pakistani establishment doctrine). And the poor Pashtuns will blend in the blenders of so called holly wars.

Note: observing the situation it is never an end for FATA, as it is again prepared for remaining a sanctuary used for some more decades. As authorities are not sincere; they only keep these people in dark and would never remove their status of “black hole” for militants regrouping and emergence again and again.

Afghan cadets will get training in Pakistan

First group of six Afghan cadets arrive to Pakistan for a year and half training course at PMA Kakool the well known academy of the armed forces.

Janan Musazai, the Afghan ambassador in Pakistan advised the new comers to be in good relations with Pakistani training mates as well as with the ones who are from other nations.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai had never favored sending Afghan National Security Forces for training in Pakistan. This was the reason none of them visited Pakistan for training.

The development in relations of the two countries [Afghanistan-Pakistan] is a result of the new Afghan president Ashraf Ghani’s decision. After Pakistan Army chief Raheel Sharif’s visit to Kabul and showing interest in training Afghan National Security Forces in Pakistan.

Pakistan has always objected India’s presence in Afghanistan; every second person even from the civilian whose mentality is changed by the state controlled media will inquire ask his/her first question “Why 6 consulates of India are active across Afghanistan?” This mentality and attitude should be a cover for the longer war on Afghan soil stirred from the Pakistan based sanctuaries of the militant organizations like Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Network. That has caused deadliest attacks on Afghan Security Forces, Civic Institutions, infrastructure as well as the International Community forces who were at war with the Al-Qaeda and Afghan militants for last decade.

Pakistan and Afghanistan have a longer but bitter relations with each other, either it be the Durand Line issue, the Afghan so called Jihad (Civil war killing 3 million Afghans), the interference policy to promote Pakistan’s own strategic depth (Using Afghanistan as a base against Pakistan’s arch enemy India).

At the same time Afghanistan has been a country of interest not only for United States, NATO & ISAF allies as well as for the regional nations. And in this regard India has helped Afghanistan after the 9/11 Afghan and coalition forces war on Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Though it is clear India is not having its army on Afghan soil and never interested in doing so. The said nation has applied a friendly policy to promote development in Afghanistan that’ll be fruitful for sustainable peace in the region. Afghanistan security forces needed trainings so India has trained thousands of its cadets in the last decade, has financed several roads, schools, universities, hospitals, scholarship for thousands of Afghan students are some of the great support by the Asian brother nation India. On flip of this Pakistan had played its role in destabilizing [indirectly via Afghan militant support] and destroying every sector of life [education, health, infrastructure] during last decade.

Now Afghan President Ashraf Ghani would have changed the government policy for a friendly change toward an unfriendly Pakistan would benefit them [Afghans]. Nothing more to expect from Pakistan but at least secure Afghanistan current infrastructure and institutions from Pakistan based and trained militants. And Afghanistan this gesture will show Pakistan that both of India and Pakistan are equally considered in Afghanistan. But this won’t stop Pakistanis asking their questions on the presence of Indian consulates around Afghanistan. Nor Pakistan is in a mode to assist Afghanistan for development in a negligible size compared to India. Let’s see what happens next.

Both Aimal Faizi, the spokesman to former Afghan president Hamid Karzai and the then Afghan intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh are not seeing this a wise move. Saleh had always wanted to start a NATO and ISAF operation on the Pakistani soil because international community knew none of the Afghan militant existed in Afghanistan. They were only injected from the other side of the Durand line [Pashtun areas in Pakistan].

Waziristan: A land kept spare for strategic activities

Is Pakistan sincere with our masses?

Who settled world international militants in 80s & 90s in Waziristan and then doubled their number after 9/11 when Tora Bora was hit by American bombardment. It should not remain a question anymore. Because no one from Wazirs, Mehsuds, Bitannis, Dawars, Dothanis and other tribes are having state policies in neither their hands nor these tribes have security authorities.

A well versed Pashtun Nationalist leader Mahmood Khan Achakzai always says, Tribal from Waziristan are not knowing the areas from where the world top ranking militants comes. If someone ask a tribal where is Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Uzbakistan, Xingiang, Middle East situated. No one will tell you the direction of those countries. Then who brought these world class militants to the lands of tribes?

This question is clearly responded even before asking it. No one can enter the tribal agencies without the permission of Political Agent [Bureaucrats from Pakistani state ruling the agencies as a supremo]. Then how the flow of thousands of militants took place? It is obvious that Pakistan used the areas as sanctuaries for these militants with an aim to interfere in Afghanistan again.

It was Pakistan’s powerful state and its establishment who ran Federally Administered Tribal Areas [FATA] under Frontier Crimes Regulation [FCR]. The said law is not letting the masses of FATA to remain in the mainstream of country political and human rights laws circle.

Just take an example of treatment humans of tribes. Here in FATA whole of the villagers whether they are male or female, elders or even children is given a collective punishment if an individual of the same tribe is involved in any sort of crime. Means if I am from Mehsud tribe, and I abduct someone from another tribe. FCR rules will punish my whole tribe. You can imagine how harsh is the attitude of Pakistan toward these tribes? That even didn’t let tribal masses to decide their own lives. Or we’ll say they are kept in a land of no laws.

Basic human rights reach to justice, freedom of speech, basic needs of health and education do not exist in FATA, everyone will understand it all once going through the British colonial black law Frontier Crimes Regulation.

After all this; Pakistan launched Zarb e Azb and Khyber One that not only pushed 1 million tribal to migrate from their villages and towns. And their remains were bombed. And now foreign ambassadors are told that how well Pakistan did its job. So sad is the moment for Pashtun nation that has lost more than 70 sons and daughters in the deadliest attacks of these militants. And are even today killed with the same impunity, I don’t think it will take a calmer end until unless Pakistan change its mentality toward terrorism and extremism. Waziristan will remain a spare piece of land for Pakistan’s strategic activities whether it is interference in Afghanistan or a holly war launch on Indian Kashmir.

Pakistan: Peshawar Army Public School re-opens after Taliban deadliest attack

The Peshawar school re-opens after a month of Army Public School Peshawar incident that killed some 132 children, staff members and security personnel on 16 December 2014. Some 126 children were reported injured and rushed to different hospitals in Peshawar.

Everyone watching the Pakistani media would have heard and felt the mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, relatives, teacher’s feelings who had lost their loved ones. And those who are on social media would have surely focused the flower like faces of these innocent children.

The attack shocked the masses from around Pashtunkhwa, Pakistan, region and globe. This was the reason when Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi was from the first leaders who strongly condemned the attack and called to his Pakistani counter-part Nawaz Sharif to condole with on the incident killing flower like children in Army Public School. Same were the message from neighboring Afghanistan and other leaders.

The massacre was condemned globally when UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon and the American president Barak Obama put forward their messages.

The attack was claimed by Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan spokesman Muhammad Khurasani and then the chief of the organization Mullah Fazlullah. Both had told in their email and video message the Peshawar Army Public School was an Army run school and the Army children who were adult 18 years and above students were singled out of the school.

The incident was linked [reaction] to the Pakistan army deadliest operation killing “Tribal women, children and innocent people” in Federally Administered Tribal Areas and around Pakistan. The TTP chief even warned that if the killing of tribal children and women continues so Pakistan Army’s strategic points will be targeted. He called on the Army not to kill civilian; and chase us [Taliban] in the open battle.

The Pakistani government called their emergency meeting at Peshawar where all parties were present and the Premier Nawaz Sharif accompanied by rest of the political, democratic, religious parties vowed to eradicated both “Good and Bad Taliban” alike. And also mentioned that they’ll chalk out a strategy against terrorism, in this regard the Pakistan’s Army chief and ISI head visited Kabul to discuss the security issues with Afghan president Ashraf Ghani and the Nato commander in Afghanistan.

A Pashtun girl, Bibi Fatma the sister of a student Afaq who was among the students killed in the Army Public School Peshawar, tells VoA Deewa Radio in tears, “Mom, stands in our way and tells that she will never let us go to school any more. Because it is better to stay home in spite of being lost forever”.

She adds, that her mom is not normal because she lost her loved one and is in a complete psyche shock and trauma. Therefore she is never agreed sending us [remaining children] to schools anymore.

Just came across a child going to school accompanied by his parents, says, “I’ll go to my school regularly, as it will remain normal onward”.

The Chief of Army Staff Gen: Raheel Sharif will be probably chairing the event of the school re-opening and paying his tribute to the lost souls.

Called another social and youth activist Sana Ijaz busy in welcoming the school coming children says, “I feel these children so energetic, the girls are more confident than boys are. As some boys are accompanied by their parents and seems unwilling to go to school”.

She adds these are the saddest moments when parents are having photos of their lost children tied to their hearts. “No one can remain without cries because that flower like children won’t visit Army Public School anymore. Even some parents lost their only children and they are having none at their home”.

Here comes the Question what we [Pakistanis] do that such incidents would not take place in the future. And what are the federal and provincial government plans. How is the share of Pakistan’s strong army establishment to tackle the issue of terrorism?

Pakistan is having its historical background in breeding terrorism on its soil. Because Pakistan needed these militant organizations for re-claiming Kashmir, the Indian state of majority Muslim population that pushed Pakistan and India to fight 3 greater wars.

Second comes Afghanistan after 1979 the Saur revolution and the USSR invasion of the country when Pakistani based jihadist not only pushed Soviets to withdraw from Afghanistan but also got Afghanistan their [fifth province] in the shape of the then Mujahideen led civil war and then the Taliban regime.

At least Pakistan role came visible into media; intelligentsia, globally well known intelligence communiqués after the country took a “U” turn in its policy toward the militant organizations based in Afghanistan. Who had claimed the 9/11 attack on World Trade Center in the United States of America’s New York City.

After a decade it is known that Pakistan never took their “U” turn. Because in spite of eradication of terrorism it got a complex shape the attacks on Nato, ISAF and Afghan forces via AlQaeda militants, Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Network are going on. Though FATA, Peshawar, Karachi, Quetta and rest of the areas are named by Afghan and Nato forces to be the nest of militancy breeding organizations. Pakistan never tried assisting her allies [Afghanistan and Nato] in the war on terror. But received heavy funds from the US and coalition partners on the name of counter terrorism.

Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, an umbrella organization for the Pakistani militants got its birth from the belly of Pakistani establishment state policy of “strategic depth”. In 2007, the then leader of the organization Baitullah Mehsud launched the deadliest campaign against Pakistani government and army. As TTP is linked with both Al-Qaeda and Afghan Taliban, the said organization names Mullah Muhammad Omer, the Afghan Taliban chief as emir of the faithful. At the same time TTP seeks the implementation of “Sharia Law” in Pakistan. As they [TTP] had fought for the purpose of the said law in Afghanistan.

The only way Pakistan can gain peace in the region should be a peaceful existence in the region and no interference in Afghanistan and rest of the neighbors, saying no to any sort of militancy and terror trainings on own land. And let the democratically elected government decide its foreign policy.

Some security analysts don’t believe in Pakistan’s shift in policy toward Afghanistan and India after the Peshawar attack. And states only bad Taliban are singled out from the Good. Because still the good Taliban can work for the Pakistan’s military establishment interests in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of Nato forces in 2015. Therefore Quetta, Peshawar, Fata and Karachi are used as sanctuaries for the deadly militants.

If the above paragraph is fact then how many more Peshawar School like attack we should wait for? And how often will they [militant] kill us with that impunity? As our own policies [strategic depth, interference in neighboring nations] are deadly and we destroy our own people this way. Taliban are nothing more than the wrong policies we pursued.

Note: For God sake we are not able to shoulder more funerals as 70 thousand people [Pashtun] are killed during the last decade. The nation is asking a change into deadliest policies we have in our skulls. This can be the only solution of our problem.