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#PeaceTalks with Afghan Taliban

Afghanistan, Pakistan, United States and China are going to the table once again to put an end to the paused peace process of Afghanistan with the Afghan Taliban. Earlier the process was stopped owing to the death disclosure of the then Taliban head (emir of the faithful as they call) Mullah Omer at a time when Kabul and Islamabad was reaching to a work plan.

This time Taliban are not invited as they have already demanded direct talks with the United States instead of Afghan government (as they always gesture to the second as puppet).

Sartaj Aziz, a veteran politician of PMLN and, the Pakistan’s foreign affairs adviser to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has already stated that he can’t name the factions of Taliban ready for the talks with Afghanistan (Dawn Reported).

The four point agenda would be 1) Taliban would be asked to gain their political goals via dialogues instead of insecurity 2) paving the way for direct talks with Taliban 3) confidence building and bringing Taliban to the dialogue table 4) a realistic and flexible roadmap, steps and phases, but to avoid unrealistic targets and deadlines.

No doubt this time the shape of Taliban dialogue would be changing; because they are already shown divided in different factions as gestured by Sartaj Aziz. And their killing of parties in Pakistan as well as Afghanistan is reported since they met in Murree (reported by Daily Beast) some two years ago one of their leading commanders in absence of Mullah Omer called upon the groups to stop killing leaders. It happened after some of the Quetta Shura members were killed in Quetta (In news outlet Taliban pointed their fingers on National Directorate of Security, Afghan spy agency).

The Chinese expansion in the region as one of the emerging power from the east is obvious; it’s planned its corridor net in Pakistan would be stretching to the Central Asian Countries soon using Afghanistan as its shortest way connecting it further to the Pakistani deep seaport of Gawadar. On the other hand Americans are angry over the speedy popping up of new terrorist group Islamic State (Daesh an Arabic Acronym) in Afghanistan Pakistan region. This group can derail the fourteen years old investment, military, logistics, revenue use of the International Coalition partners in NATO; where the biggest share is made by the United States. This is the reason these two nations China and US middle the dialogue between Afghanistan and the Afghan Taliban (who are reportedly stationed in their safe heavens in Pakistan).

The dialogue mantra is not new; earlier former Afghan president Hamid Karzai tried his level best; he was even named the “Taliban brother” by his opponent, for his struggle taking his “angry brothers”, as he called them in his speeches, on board. But those dialogues would always find an unknown blow sometimes by the middling Americans and almost by the disturbing attacks on NATO, Afghan security forces and the civilian from Taliban. And such event would always get a restart after a go on and go off turns in the process. Afghanistan even lost the Afghan leader Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani, a farmer Mujahideen leader and head of the Peace Council a committee created to monitor and go for dialogue with Taliban.

Afghan government, intelligentsia, spy agency reports, even the western media would name the only name “Pakistan” being the double standard ally in dialogue with the Taliban. Because it was viewed by some analysts that Pakistan wanted to give a tough time to International Community at the same time would hide its face behind the so called peace dialogue process.

Again in four point agenda it’s visible that Pakistan is not in the favor to bound Taliban for ceasing attacks across Afghanistan. As Sartaj Aziz has already talked about several Taliban groups; no doubt one group led by the Akhtar Mansoor, the nearest one to Pakistan’s spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence would be brought to the table. But his rival groups are showed not to be in control of Pakistan, who experts’ states are under the same Pakistani umbrella but only showed to the world as divided. And this would be the only excuse this time not to let the peace process find its destination.


#SanoberKakaji the Pashtun Afghan hero

Kakaji Sanober Hussain; first a teacher at Islami College Peshawar, then found his own organization for the peasants and their issues then joined his hands with the sub-continent “Nawjawanan Baharat Sabha” who wanted a direct hit for the imperialist contrary to the way of All India Congress political struggle; shows Kakaji was in favor of using the way of resistance instead of waiting for peaceful political struggle.
A page by his name on Sanubar Hussain Kakaji states that after being held by the Britishers behind the bar he was released and he switched to publish a magazine of his literary, political, revolutionary struggle titled “Silaab”. Whic was later banned and his comrade advised him to join hands with Haji SahibTarangzai (another Pashtun Afghan hero of resistance movement already living in Central Pashtunkhwa “Fata”) “was already there who was busy working against imperialists to liberate the sub-continent from their clutches. Kaka ji accepted his allegiance and stayed there for almost 18 years working for the movement of freedom”.

Kakaji ran a literary poetic organization; and struggle hard till his death. Never stayed away from the politics; salute to him on his death anniversary 3rd January 1963.

A reply to a Punjabi writer’s criticism on Taliban and Anti Taliban book by Farhat Taj

Went through the writer piece; though I am personally having positive approach to the writer Farhat Taj opinion, observations, data, research based work of the book he’s elaborated in his own words.

No doubt Pakistan is a federation instead of using a word “nation” for it; as Pakistan came into being on the lands of Pashtun, Baloch, Sindhi, Siraikis, Punjabis and Bengalis. What happened from day first till 1971 when Bengalis were rejected to have the ruling seat though they proved they were the majority.

After this the dictating eras and not letting Pakistan to become a democratic state in the future. Every army ruler from Ayub, Yahya, Zia, Musharaf tried their muscles to rule the country. And these illegal attacks on parliament and political forces have taken more than 50% of the total life period of the country. In this regard; the dictating rulers tried ways that were against the formation of Pakistan, its constitution, will of people. e.g: Gen Ayub didn’t surrender himself and even challenged the rule of Fatima Jinnah (sister of country’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah). As he was dictator so he used the establishment power to remain a ruler for a decade. And in his whole era took-over the then initial state of govt formation and ruled the country with the waves of his batton instead of respecting law made after 9 years of the creation of Pakistan.

Gen: Zia, though was switched to a way Pakistan had never faced with “extremism and terrorism” under the title of our religion Islam. And this way completed his decade long ruling by violating country’s constitution and killing the then elected Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (A Sindhi). He jumped to the USSR and US cold war as field commander of the imperialist block not for his ideological friendship with Americans and Jews but the only reason was to keep Afghanistan stab in the back that the Pashtun who are having majority in Pakistan and the longest piece of land in the country would never be asked by Afghanistan. As the history of Durand Line shows that the said Pashtun land in Pakistan was actually Afghan motherland and grabbed by the then British Empire in sub-continent after two Afghan Anglo wars for a century. This was used as a buffer to keep Afghans away from sub-continent and rule the continent calmly. After the creation of Pakistan Afghanistan opposed Pakistan in UN because it’s having half of Afghan historical territory in the newly born state on the face of Asia.

Therefore, Pashtuns are never owned nor given rights as rest of the nationalities Baloch, Sindhi, Siraikis and Bengalis. Pashtuns natural resources are exploited; let it alone even their historical motherland on the other side of Durand line is even now considered the fifth province of Pakistan. Because if Kabul raise its head would always demand the natural piece of its land and masses fensed in Pakistan through International Court of Justice in the light of International Law. Because the treaty of Britishers and Abdul Rahman Khan is not ratified for the second time to let Pashtun land a permanent part of Pakistan. This is why Pakistan remained the field commander of US-USSR cold war. And 100% of its interest was the weakening of Afghanistan for securing the remaining Pashtun lands and continuing their natural resources. Take a history of the Afghan warlords the then Mujahideen and then their change into Taliban and 9/11, Pakistan’s “U” turn in words with the then American President George W Bush Junior then dodging him and keeping international community aid and support make their way to Pakistan. A share of these aids was spent on the regrouping of Taliban to keep American and Nato forces busy in Afghanistan and never let the country raise as a developing state on the face of earth. These are proved that the world wanted Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden was killed miles away from Pakistan capital Islamabad; in the garison town of Abbottabad. Same is the case of recently announced death of the then emir of the faithful, as Taliban called him, Mullah Omer’s death in Karachi, the Quetta Shura, Haqqani Networ, Peshawar Shura active role attacking both the Afghan security forces and Nato field force for last 15 years.

No doubt Punjab is Pakistan and Pakistan is Punjab; if it had respect for other nations would have respected the Bengalis majority in 1970s democratic election. The only way of exploitation of nations including Pashtun, Baloch, Sindhi, Siraiki is by mean of terror. This is why even now as I write these lines; Pakistan F-16 Jet have bombarded the civilian populations in South Waziristan, these sort of activities take place in rest of FATA in the name of so called Zarb e Azb operation one and two (these operations are neither monitored by Human Right groups nor media) the only source we have is ISPR. And thousands of innocent people are killed in the so called Zarb e Azb. Drone only killed AlQaeda and their linked groups commander; would have also killed the civilians where these targets were hiding; and drone as a technology had only 0.001% of missing target where as Jet and Pakistani forces raids have 90 to 100% chances of civilian deaths if compared to the US drones.

I know that the writer is a student of Punjab university; and would be having love of his nationality Punjab but it doesn’t mean he should condemn some one Pashtun presenting data and research based facts being proved by the OBL, MO Quetta Shura, Peshawar Shura and Haqqani Network memebers death and their existence and safe heavens in Pakistan. Even now Pakistan army is having control of Pakistan government civilian policies as an unannounced war against Afghanistan is underway, Indian clashes take place on border. Iran is not happy and always shell mortars on Pakistani land because it feels threat from this piece of land we are part of. These are facts and can’t be hidden by a piece we write in the unseen or unintentional, emotional love of Pakistan (actually Punjab the piece of land the writer belong to).

Note: Link to the article who had criticized Farhat Taj’s book Taliban and Anti Taliban

How Pakistan based Jihadi turned anchor glorify the Afghan conflict after the Mullah Omer death..?

The death of the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omer is not that much focused in Afghan media organizations. But here in Pakistan one of the then Jihadi turned anchor Saleem Safi is busy glorifying every event that is linked with the destruction of Afghanistan more than a religious cleric can do in his Friday sermon from mosque.

Now finished the Jang news paper article on Mullah Muhammad Omer, the Afghan Taliban leader, written by Saleem Safi, one of the well-known journalist for his status in media as actor. This boy looking so-called journalist who’s now actually an anchor is covering the Pakistan most important role in creation of Afghan Taliban then playing with them from the hidden doors till the date. Everything cleared up when even Taliban commanders came to know after the passage of two years that their emir is dead and should arrange mourning for three days. So who can be that powerful state and organization keeping everything that secret?….

Polishing everything about the Taliban regime, their organization and terrorism in Afghanistan as something done for the only cause of Islam makes Saleem Safi verifying the deaths of thousands of Afghan children, women, elders and civilians by Taliban direct attacks, missiles attacks, IED blasts and suicide attacks across Afghanistan.

The reality of the Taliban regime and Mullah Omer is well explored through the book written by a senior NYT journalist Carlotta Gall. She tells that Mullah Omer and his comrades were ready to accept the peaceful hand over of own turned capital Kandahar to the then Afghan Kandahar faction leader Hamid Karzai, who’s in the field to clear the areas from Taliban through tribal connections and had Mullah Biradar like indirect envoys in the ranks of Taliban. But it’s CIA’s official who stopped Hamid Karzai from doing so.

Dear Safi you are so naive, on one hand you have explained the abilities and connections of Mullah Omer to the new and developed world to zero level on the other hand you accredit him the best ruler and continuously call him Mujahid (the holly warrior). Can we ask Safi, if he’s that simple then how he could lead the toughest militancy across Afghanistan? Who cleared Afghanistan from the former Mujahideen for Taliban? How all the commanders accepted him as their spiritual leaders though most of the new ones had even never seen him?…. Don’t you think it’s the Pakistani establishment top guys who ran the Kingdom of Mullah Omer in the form of covered on job army officials as Col Imam and Gen: Hamid Gul?…..

I know Safi Sb, you are having enough information regarding this everything happening in Afghanistan (actually done under the shadow of Pakistan’s strategic depth). But you are given a special task to do it from the other side. That would earn you a good name and possibly replace earlier energetic Rahimullah Yousafzai with a young Salim Safi.

We know that enough nemesis existed among the Taliban leadership even when they were having a regime in Afghanistan. So his death would have gone through media in minutes. Now I recall the tweet of Aimal Faizi who had mentioned that there’s no Zabihullah Mujahid only an information secretariat run by Pakistan’s powerful spy agency that spread all this propaganda stuff against Afghanistan.

Afghans, particularly the Pashtun youths and aware masses across Pashtunkhwa, even simple shepherd have now known what’s going in the region. If they are not having doctorate degree in International Relations but they are expert of the Pakistani mindset to invade Kabul throne. And what’s the reality of Taliban and their dispersed groups is obvious wouldn’t remain even for a day if there are no Quetta Shura, Peshawar Shura and Haqqani Network. You won’t dodge them by your creamy ideas and opinions through your Jang news paper. Of course you can keep your parole job with Islamabad on for longer.

[Link to Salim Safi’s Urdu article in 1st August 2015 Jang News Paper http://e.jang.com.pk/08-01-2015/karachi/pic.asp?picname=06_06.gif ]

Can we force people love? “Love Pakistan or Leave Pakistan” forces graffiti on Torkham

Some time I find Journalists biased even in the very hard times faced by Pakistan’s masses from the oppressed nations of Pashtuns, Baloch, Sindhis, Siraikis.

Feelings come through ones inner person. Feelings can’t be explain on a mere piece of paper or a sketchy image on a wall; attempt to show them is possible. Went through a piece by a writer Atika Rehman on Landi Kotal.

Though I liked her story on the area. I came to know that she had pasted a photo of graffiti by the Khasadar/FrontierCorps cantt/check-post. “Love Pakistan or leave Pakistan”, she has explained it the patriotism. “A fiercely patriotic sign at Torkham border between Afghanistan and Pakistan” caption by Atika.

I appreciated her story but can’t control my feelings going through the day to day miseries of fellow ‪#‎Pashtuns‬ from across FATA (North South, Mohmand, Afridis, Shinwari, Wazirs, Maseed, Bitani, Dotani….. the list go on). And again ask a question from myself that one knowing about the double standard of the country’s powerful establishment led by its top spy agency. The poor people of FATA of not knowing any sort of terror, these areas once remained the most peaceful villages and towns in the country (have a search of the history). Then installed with different factories of terrorism and extremism. The leading figures from FATA killed followed by the wrath of Arab, Chechen, Uzbek, Tajik, Punjabi commanders.

As I write these lines, the trend on FATA and youths from this land are tweeting their miseries and a whole branch of Afridi Tribe, Sipah is fined millions of PKR under the FCR black law. And millions of them are yet to make their way to North Waziristan after the devastating operation (in mean of destroying peoples houses and businesses up to the date I haven’t got any statistics of ISPR having a catch of the militants raised for interference in Afghanistan).

Now a question how will the slogan of “Love Pakistan or leave Pakistan” work? Or how can we call this a patriotism? I have known patriotism come through volunteer feelings of the masses. It can’t be enforced.

We know how disturbed are Pashtuns across Pakistan? And how miserable life they are having? Even their citizenship is challenged in Punjab, Sindh and rest of Pakistan. The new phase of operations under National Action Plan is now explained by the political youth of Pashtuns as a plan against us [Pashtuns] not the terrorists.

I doubt the writer is true in explaining the slogan as patriotism unless Pashtuns are kept equal to the ones living in Punjab’s boundaries.

Pakistan’s PM & COAS arrive at Kabul

Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif in Kabul on a visit to discuss the ties of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This comes after the first phase of Sharif visit when he announced Afghanistan as a sovereign state in his previous visit.

It is better known in Pakistan that the militancy in Afghanistan is boosted from the sanctuaries on Pakistani soil. And this practice is thought to be forcing Kabul based government not to remain friendly India but have a space for Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif as a democratically elected premier was lashed by the country’s powerful establishment (always spy agencies) when he had announced a political friendship with Afghanistan and India.

Experts are of the views that Nawaz was handing over the Afghanistan ties to Pashtun nationalists instead of any other official of the country. This was not liked by the country’s establishment so they pushed up Imran Khan the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chairman to bow down central government in Islamabad.

Mr. Khan’s months long sit-in in Islamabad at last forced central government to have not only space for country’s establishment in the foreign policy toward Afghanistan and India; but Army leaders got a complete control of it again. And that pushed the Afghan president to visit General Head Quarters instead of the elected government.

Pakistani establishment (the strong army) is believing in Afghanistan to be its strategic depth.

The existence of militancy has not only remained a threat to Afghanistan but it has crossed the line into Pakistan. Days earlier Pakistan Army’s Public Relations department ISPR announced the existence of RAW supported and backed disturbance in Pakistan.

These remarks come in a time when Pakistan economic hub Karachi is disturbed by different groups of target killing and bomb blasts. The same is taking place across Balochistan where Baloch separatists killed 20 labourers last month. Khyber Pashtunkhwa felt shocked in the last decade as it has lost 70 thousand people in different attacks and operations in Khyber Pashtunkhwa and FATA. The last one was a Pakistani Taliban attack in Peshawar based Army Public School. The latest responsibility of attack on a Pakistani helicopter was also claimed by TTP when Nawaz Sharif and other foreign diplomats were to launch important project in Gilgit Baldistan.

At the same time Afghanistan’s north (the peaceful areas of the country) have felt Taliban insurgency for the first time in last 14 years. This is a real concern for Afghan officials because the only areas they had kept calm were north of Afghanistan. At the same time President Ashraf Ghani​ has explained ISIS existence in Afghanistan when he was on his visit to the US last month.

Now the two leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan are putting a therapy to the wounds of the two countries caused by the militancy in a time when Afghanistan has signed different agreements with International forces including US Bilateral Security Agreement between Afghanistan and United States​. As well as China and India. How are these agreements felt by Pakistan and its strategic team led by establishment, is a bigger question to be answered.

Afghanistan: Qatar peace talks with Afghan Taliban

The media organizations focused on Afghanistan are busy reporting the Qatar based gathering of Afghan Taliban and the High Peace Council of Afghanistan.

Afghan government has formed its delegation to meet the Qatar based Afghan Taliban political secretariat. The Doha based group of Taliban leadership is well known for their diplomatic stay and office since the previous government under farmer president Hamid Karzai made several attempts taking Taliban in confidence and some time calling them “brothers”.

The Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid had earlier stated about the gathering to be a conference where views would be share. Seems that they are not bound to discuss the forth coming peace process, they are here merely sharing point of views.

Earlier sources of different media groups had released the secrets that Taliban would be handed over the power of Southern Provinces neighboring Pakistan, from where the sanctuaries of Afghan Taliban are told active.

According to some analysts Pakistan seems to have changed its attitude toward the militancy in Afghanistan and both the countries Pakistan and Afghanistan have find a safe side of dialogue; this boosted after the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan attacked the Peshawar based Army Public School, killing some 132 children and school staff and wounding several others. The visits by Pakistan Chief of Army Staff Gen: Raheel Sharif and ISI DG to Kabul was hoped to be building a shared strategy to counter terrorism in the region. And then Afghan president Ashraf Ghani visited Pakistan, an outcry was heard from inside Afghan circles when he visited General Headquarters the Pakistan army high office near Islamabad.

After months of the peace meetings now the Afghan Interior Minister Noorul Haq Uloomi, has claimed in his recent comments to media “Our south is disturbed by our enemy and the north by friends”. In Afghanistan enemy is a term used for the militants, mostly Taliban and probably now Islamic State, yet to be taking ground. And other experts also raised fingers over Pakistan role in stopping the sanctuaries on its soil in Quetta, Peshawar and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) well known for Quetta Shura, Haqqani Network and Hizb e Islami (Gulbadin Hekmatyar).

A new fold may come in dialogue with the Taliban, as Pakistan is said to be fully pressurizing Afghan Taliban to become part of the peace process. But the said process is a sign of concern after the Southern Commander and Kandahar Police chief Gen: Raziq told that him and other Afghan National Security Forces Commanders head are told to be the price of peace negotiation with Taliban, he further added that he’s having documents where the Afghan High Peace Council exchange sensitive information with the Taliban commanders. According to him the Afghan security officials who are die hard front line figures would be killed by the will of foreign spy agencies in the disguise of Taliban.

On the other hand Chief Executive of Afghanistan Dr. Abdullah Abdullah told a gathering nominating the Kandahar new governor that those sons of the soil who are defending motherland are laudable. And it’s never possible to exchange their lives for making peace with Taliban. If the concerns of Afghan security officials become true and the high command of the Afghan National Security Forces is killed, it would surely create a chaos in the already fragile government led by President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.