Khan Shaheed and his politics for women rights #InternationalWomenDay #IWD2017

Khan Shaheed Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai believed in the equality of women, enrolled his lone daughter to show her as a symbol and aware people that education for women is their right as is of men. He preferred his daughter to be part of his political tours across Afghanistan, to spread the message of women empowerment in all fields of life.

Khan Shaheed’s autobiography starts from the very name of his mother, showing that how a first woman impressed him to be his role model and point of love. Though, even now Pashtun fellow feel hesitation in showing ones mother/sister/wife’s name. His every word is a way of inspiration for his followers.

He states that if there was not the struggle and raising children by his wife who faced the thorny journey of nationalist politics, he would not have been able to go for that longer political journey. He states that his wife though did not liked his being away from home always behind the bar but after his political education for her made her to feel bravo before sacrifices because the national freedom was sacred.

Most of his writings focus on the women miseries across the motherland and how he thought to change the mentality of the people to treat women as equal human beings.

This is why his followers of the Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party believe in women equity, democracy, social justice, peace, development and rule of law in the light of Khan Shaheed’s teachings and principles for achieving a developed motherland.


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