Pakistan’s long lasting love for strategic assets is not hidden

Blowing the dust won’t work, the terrorism and terrorists factories were raised for Ghazwa Khurasan and Ghazwa Hind, and even today the ideology of Afghan Taliban and TTP are not different from each other. Even today the IS linked groups in Pakistan are the darlings of the state spy agencies who’re aimed to give a lesson to Iran and minorities at home.

Weren’t these assets trained by Col Imam, Breg Khwaja and then sponsored by the Gen: Musharaf controlled regime? How can your own children can work against your sovereignty aren’t they your darlings. Where Osama Bin Laden was killed, and how Mullah Omer got his treatment from Karachi and how about the Mullah Akhtar Mansoor death in Nushki. How cleverly the writer try to cheat us, do you see a bit difference in the policy of IS, AQ, Afghan Taliban, Punjabi Taliban and TTP, all are aiming to practice “Sharia Law” and the fight of Afghan Taliban and IS was long before solved that was only a matter of area and vested interest of local commanders. In broader perspective they are the children of same ideology that’s implemented through same tactic “violence, terror”.

Second, how would be the Baloch Freedom Fighters on the same page with the world class terrorist franchise or our strategic assets who’re killing the Baloch nationalists across Balochistan under the name of same lashkars now linked with IS, Punjabi Taliban. Still you blame India for your own mess? Is a dust blow nothing more than that.

And the IS local chapter or Afghanistan Pakistan chapter was never accepted by the IS in Iraq and Syria earlier, by killing civilians in Quetta, Peshawar, Safoora Pakistan got a registration certificate of its darling strategic assets and that’s proved now the news are released from Emaq news agency, the mouth piece of IS. Pakistan wanted to have its military aid from US, Russia, China so after a dying cow Al-Qaeda her child IS would be a good one to play hide and seek with in #AfPak region.

A reply to the DAWN Published Op-ed:


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