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Afghanistan has got enough in 15 years after Taliban regime oust

My commentory on the Atlantic article written by Habib Zahoori on the eve of 15th anniversary of International Coalition Forces in Afghaainstan. The writer is too tense about Afghanistan, no doubt shows his love of the motherland and people. Your opinion may be a bit emotional for me, because, you are far away for last two years, from friends and family and the people. As you’ve mentioned that Afghan Security Forces are not capable to secure common lives. Here we can get examples of even western countries where only lone wolves killed many and such attacks on civilian are rarely controlled to zero level. Though, Afghan National Security Forces, are in fight with more than a dozen groups of militants. Still they prove, the best force, who safeguard their people more than even Americans could do. The 2006 US forces faced by challenges in Kandahar were even pushing them leave the region, when Afghan Security Forces controlled things back as noted by well known writer Carlotta Gall.
Things no doubt have improved, and the International Community invested in Afghanistan has resulted so positively. Today millions of children go to school, women have basic health facilities all across the country [may not be equal to western nations], rule of law has come to practice, media houses independently reporting, a democratically elected government is on its way to serve the people. These are all the very progressive outcomes of the Americans and other who spent their money and energies here in Afghanistan.
Taliban and the warlords, at the same times International Community could opt one, no doubt warlords were the best option. And now or years later Afghans would not elect them [the warlords] through their votes this would be the biggest punishment for warlords to either change their way of politics or feel the warmth. And that way common youths and women can go and join parlaiment, in my view a slow and steady move would be better option, instead of a revolutionary [with drastic impacts].
Last but not the least, 15 years is very short time, for a nation devastated by a 40 years of war and interference from neighbouring countries, in particular Pakistan. We [Afghans] at least need another 25 years to go back to our normal positio [my own opinion].
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