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How Pakistan based Jihadi turned anchor glorify the Afghan conflict after the Mullah Omer death..?

The death of the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omer is not that much focused in Afghan media organizations. But here in Pakistan one of the then Jihadi turned anchor Saleem Safi is busy glorifying every event that is linked with the destruction of Afghanistan more than a religious cleric can do in his Friday sermon from mosque.

Now finished the Jang news paper article on Mullah Muhammad Omer, the Afghan Taliban leader, written by Saleem Safi, one of the well-known journalist for his status in media as actor. This boy looking so-called journalist who’s now actually an anchor is covering the Pakistan most important role in creation of Afghan Taliban then playing with them from the hidden doors till the date. Everything cleared up when even Taliban commanders came to know after the passage of two years that their emir is dead and should arrange mourning for three days. So who can be that powerful state and organization keeping everything that secret?….

Polishing everything about the Taliban regime, their organization and terrorism in Afghanistan as something done for the only cause of Islam makes Saleem Safi verifying the deaths of thousands of Afghan children, women, elders and civilians by Taliban direct attacks, missiles attacks, IED blasts and suicide attacks across Afghanistan.

The reality of the Taliban regime and Mullah Omer is well explored through the book written by a senior NYT journalist Carlotta Gall. She tells that Mullah Omer and his comrades were ready to accept the peaceful hand over of own turned capital Kandahar to the then Afghan Kandahar faction leader Hamid Karzai, who’s in the field to clear the areas from Taliban through tribal connections and had Mullah Biradar like indirect envoys in the ranks of Taliban. But it’s CIA’s official who stopped Hamid Karzai from doing so.

Dear Safi you are so naive, on one hand you have explained the abilities and connections of Mullah Omer to the new and developed world to zero level on the other hand you accredit him the best ruler and continuously call him Mujahid (the holly warrior). Can we ask Safi, if he’s that simple then how he could lead the toughest militancy across Afghanistan? Who cleared Afghanistan from the former Mujahideen for Taliban? How all the commanders accepted him as their spiritual leaders though most of the new ones had even never seen him?…. Don’t you think it’s the Pakistani establishment top guys who ran the Kingdom of Mullah Omer in the form of covered on job army officials as Col Imam and Gen: Hamid Gul?…..

I know Safi Sb, you are having enough information regarding this everything happening in Afghanistan (actually done under the shadow of Pakistan’s strategic depth). But you are given a special task to do it from the other side. That would earn you a good name and possibly replace earlier energetic Rahimullah Yousafzai with a young Salim Safi.

We know that enough nemesis existed among the Taliban leadership even when they were having a regime in Afghanistan. So his death would have gone through media in minutes. Now I recall the tweet of Aimal Faizi who had mentioned that there’s no Zabihullah Mujahid only an information secretariat run by Pakistan’s powerful spy agency that spread all this propaganda stuff against Afghanistan.

Afghans, particularly the Pashtun youths and aware masses across Pashtunkhwa, even simple shepherd have now known what’s going in the region. If they are not having doctorate degree in International Relations but they are expert of the Pakistani mindset to invade Kabul throne. And what’s the reality of Taliban and their dispersed groups is obvious wouldn’t remain even for a day if there are no Quetta Shura, Peshawar Shura and Haqqani Network. You won’t dodge them by your creamy ideas and opinions through your Jang news paper. Of course you can keep your parole job with Islamabad on for longer.

[Link to Salim Safi’s Urdu article in 1st August 2015 Jang News Paper ]