Can we force people love? “Love Pakistan or Leave Pakistan” forces graffiti on Torkham

Some time I find Journalists biased even in the very hard times faced by Pakistan’s masses from the oppressed nations of Pashtuns, Baloch, Sindhis, Siraikis.

Feelings come through ones inner person. Feelings can’t be explain on a mere piece of paper or a sketchy image on a wall; attempt to show them is possible. Went through a piece by a writer Atika Rehman on Landi Kotal.

Though I liked her story on the area. I came to know that she had pasted a photo of graffiti by the Khasadar/FrontierCorps cantt/check-post. “Love Pakistan or leave Pakistan”, she has explained it the patriotism. “A fiercely patriotic sign at Torkham border between Afghanistan and Pakistan” caption by Atika.

I appreciated her story but can’t control my feelings going through the day to day miseries of fellow ‪#‎Pashtuns‬ from across FATA (North South, Mohmand, Afridis, Shinwari, Wazirs, Maseed, Bitani, Dotani….. the list go on). And again ask a question from myself that one knowing about the double standard of the country’s powerful establishment led by its top spy agency. The poor people of FATA of not knowing any sort of terror, these areas once remained the most peaceful villages and towns in the country (have a search of the history). Then installed with different factories of terrorism and extremism. The leading figures from FATA killed followed by the wrath of Arab, Chechen, Uzbek, Tajik, Punjabi commanders.

As I write these lines, the trend on FATA and youths from this land are tweeting their miseries and a whole branch of Afridi Tribe, Sipah is fined millions of PKR under the FCR black law. And millions of them are yet to make their way to North Waziristan after the devastating operation (in mean of destroying peoples houses and businesses up to the date I haven’t got any statistics of ISPR having a catch of the militants raised for interference in Afghanistan).

Now a question how will the slogan of “Love Pakistan or leave Pakistan” work? Or how can we call this a patriotism? I have known patriotism come through volunteer feelings of the masses. It can’t be enforced.

We know how disturbed are Pashtuns across Pakistan? And how miserable life they are having? Even their citizenship is challenged in Punjab, Sindh and rest of Pakistan. The new phase of operations under National Action Plan is now explained by the political youth of Pashtuns as a plan against us [Pashtuns] not the terrorists.

I doubt the writer is true in explaining the slogan as patriotism unless Pashtuns are kept equal to the ones living in Punjab’s boundaries.


4 thoughts on “Can we force people love? “Love Pakistan or Leave Pakistan” forces graffiti on Torkham

  1. Shiza Ahmed

    NAP is not against pashtuns, it is against all terrorists and their sympathizers. Why u want to divide the nation by referring Pashtuns as being under privileged. We all are Pakistanis, and Pakistanis need to be united at this crucial time when the country is facing terrorism.

    1. Malik Achakzai Post author

      Just count the number; and the bomb blasts taking place are 99% on Pashtuns, & rest are on other oppressed nations living in Pakistan. Even today the hard line organizations of Punjab are having their members safe and sound as well as their life and lively hood.

      1. Malik Achakzai Post author

        You are right; in Punjab, the minorities are attacked Christians, Ahmadis but the factories of terrorism are safe and sound that has made Pashtunkhwa destroyed.

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