Afghanistan and Pakistan spy agencies sign MoU

Memorandum of Understanding between Afghanistan and Pakistan spy agencies NDS and ISI, NDS chief Nabil says he’s not signed. The two countries are nearer on security issues with each other after the deadliest attack on a Peshawar based Army Public School that killed several children.

Whereas the current Afghan president Ashraf Ghani has showed much flexibility toward Pakistan if compared with the former Afghan presidentHamid Karzai.

Currently the Afghanistan elected leadership especially the president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and the former president Hamid Karzai, his team members and the security officials, particularly the former NDS chiefAmrullah Saleh and current chief Nabil are never siding with this all easy change in Afghan policy toward Pakistan.

As far as observed from Pakistani media; the Pakistan based intelligentsia mostly biased toward Afghanistan, their country are backing the current improvement in the relations between the two countries. Because a theory of “strategic depth” and Pakistan interference in Afghanistan was thought to be ousting India and its impact on Kabul as a friend. (India has no soldier on Afghan land) Though India has played a key role in promoting Afghanistan development.

Another school of thought used to elaborate the situation that Pakistan is willing to install Taliban and get influence over Kabul more to its arch rival India. What would they think about the issue now as Afghanistan new government has given enough space to Pakistan. Even MoU between the spy agencies of the two countries.


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