Pakistan’s PM & COAS arrive at Kabul

Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif in Kabul on a visit to discuss the ties of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This comes after the first phase of Sharif visit when he announced Afghanistan as a sovereign state in his previous visit.

It is better known in Pakistan that the militancy in Afghanistan is boosted from the sanctuaries on Pakistani soil. And this practice is thought to be forcing Kabul based government not to remain friendly India but have a space for Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif as a democratically elected premier was lashed by the country’s powerful establishment (always spy agencies) when he had announced a political friendship with Afghanistan and India.

Experts are of the views that Nawaz was handing over the Afghanistan ties to Pashtun nationalists instead of any other official of the country. This was not liked by the country’s establishment so they pushed up Imran Khan the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chairman to bow down central government in Islamabad.

Mr. Khan’s months long sit-in in Islamabad at last forced central government to have not only space for country’s establishment in the foreign policy toward Afghanistan and India; but Army leaders got a complete control of it again. And that pushed the Afghan president to visit General Head Quarters instead of the elected government.

Pakistani establishment (the strong army) is believing in Afghanistan to be its strategic depth.

The existence of militancy has not only remained a threat to Afghanistan but it has crossed the line into Pakistan. Days earlier Pakistan Army’s Public Relations department ISPR announced the existence of RAW supported and backed disturbance in Pakistan.

These remarks come in a time when Pakistan economic hub Karachi is disturbed by different groups of target killing and bomb blasts. The same is taking place across Balochistan where Baloch separatists killed 20 labourers last month. Khyber Pashtunkhwa felt shocked in the last decade as it has lost 70 thousand people in different attacks and operations in Khyber Pashtunkhwa and FATA. The last one was a Pakistani Taliban attack in Peshawar based Army Public School. The latest responsibility of attack on a Pakistani helicopter was also claimed by TTP when Nawaz Sharif and other foreign diplomats were to launch important project in Gilgit Baldistan.

At the same time Afghanistan’s north (the peaceful areas of the country) have felt Taliban insurgency for the first time in last 14 years. This is a real concern for Afghan officials because the only areas they had kept calm were north of Afghanistan. At the same time President Ashraf Ghani​ has explained ISIS existence in Afghanistan when he was on his visit to the US last month.

Now the two leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan are putting a therapy to the wounds of the two countries caused by the militancy in a time when Afghanistan has signed different agreements with International forces including US Bilateral Security Agreement between Afghanistan and United States​. As well as China and India. How are these agreements felt by Pakistan and its strategic team led by establishment, is a bigger question to be answered.


2 thoughts on “Pakistan’s PM & COAS arrive at Kabul

  1. Reza Khan

    The Pakistani/Punjabistani military and intelligence agency neither the Nawaz government can be trusted and should not be trusted by Afghan officials. Punjabis will not change their Terrorist policies.All this is just a show to show the Chinese that they are for ending Terrorism when the fly back to Rawalpindi ,it is Terrorism as usual. Raheel Shareef should be detained and executed on the streets of Kabul.

    1. Malik Achakzai Post author

      I am agree with your claims to some extend; that Pakistan based establishment is never in a mode to get its hands off from interfering in Afghanistan.


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