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United #Baloch Army claims #MastungMasacre killing 22 #Balochistan

The unlucky buses started their journey one from Chaman (the Balochistan bordering town with Afghanistan) and then went on to Pishin where it loaded its remaining passengers. A second bus was ready from Pishin and both started their journey from Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan toward Karachi. Who knew some 22 passengers out of 70, loaded on both the buses would be having their killers meet them in the midway in Mastung, a well-known district head quarter some miles away from Quetta.

The two buses were stopped by six men in the dark, thought they would be police searching the buses, and told us to get out of the bus, an aged man told reporters in Civil Hospital Quetta.

“I don’t know what was their language because we were stress and couldn’t judge them, now I can’t lie about their language”, he says.

The passengers were searched and asked to show their Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) citizenship cards, a necessity to be in one’s pocket in Pakistan. Twenty five of the passengers were singled out and taken away in the dark, “five of them were released, rest of them were fired on with automatic weapons”, told an injured driver on stretcher in the hospital.

They asked my name; “I spoke with them in Balochi, so they took me to the side and a single man started firing on all of them in the mountains”, says a eye witness, who’s a Pashtun. “I had my family, three ladies, and several other ladies in the back seats, only men were taken out”.

Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti talking to media confirmed the killing of passengers and connected the incident with the Research and Analysis Wing, an Indian spy agency.

Home Secretary Akber Durrani told reporters that the bus was from Pishin, neither Shia nor settlers were on board, and 19 of the passengers are killed, one severely injured, Levies, a local tribal force is put on to go back after the militants.

Abdul Khaliq, a relative of injured Muhammad Yaqoob Barakzai, from Pishin told that his brother had called him that for God sake contact security forces because they were fired upon by unknown gunmen in Mastung. “We contacted whoever we could and were hurry, now we got him he’s having several bullets been through his right arm, thanks God he’s alive because 19 of his fellow passengers were all killed”.

The families and relatives, citizens of Quetta, Pishin, Killa Abdullah, Chaman went on to sit-in in front of Governor and Chief Minister houses and chanted emotional slogans against government, security forces and the Baloch separatists.

“Three from our village, Hurramzai Saydan, Pishin are buried and we are on our way to homes”, told Ahsanullah Agha, a villager. “Two of them were the only bread winners of their families”.

The attack was claimed by United Baloch Army’s spokesperson Moreed Baloch claimed responsibility of the attack and called it a reaction to the ongoing security forces operation against Baloch separatists.

So far Baloch Republican Party (led by Brahmdagh Bugti), Baloch Liberation Army, Baloch Political leader who supports separatists movement Hyrbyair Marri have condemned the attack on Pashtun fellows, as well as Mehran Marri, a Baloch representative in the UN and younger son of Nawab Khairbakhsh Marri.

Balochistan chief minister Dr. Malik Baloch called an All Parties Conference in Quetta to be held in next week, he was accompanied by the opposition and Jamiat e Ulama Islam leader, Maulana Abdul Wasay, Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party’s Abdul Rahim Ziaratwa, Awami National Party’s Zamarak Khan Achakzai, Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti and several other MPAs gathered in Chief Minister House.

Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party and Traders Union (Anjuman e Tajaran) had called for strike where’s the government announced three days official mourning.

It’s very destructive sign, because Baloch are having only Pashtuns as a neutral population siding them morally, told Salam Sabir Baloch, a former Baloch Students Organization (Azad) leader. “Pashtun and Baloch are remained as brother, harmony never went from among them; it’s now a try to separate them and even possibly align them”.


Can we force people love? “Love Pakistan or Leave Pakistan” forces graffiti on Torkham

Some time I find Journalists biased even in the very hard times faced by Pakistan’s masses from the oppressed nations of Pashtuns, Baloch, Sindhis, Siraikis.

Feelings come through ones inner person. Feelings can’t be explain on a mere piece of paper or a sketchy image on a wall; attempt to show them is possible. Went through a piece by a writer Atika Rehman on Landi Kotal.

Though I liked her story on the area. I came to know that she had pasted a photo of graffiti by the Khasadar/FrontierCorps cantt/check-post. “Love Pakistan or leave Pakistan”, she has explained it the patriotism. “A fiercely patriotic sign at Torkham border between Afghanistan and Pakistan” caption by Atika.

I appreciated her story but can’t control my feelings going through the day to day miseries of fellow ‪#‎Pashtuns‬ from across FATA (North South, Mohmand, Afridis, Shinwari, Wazirs, Maseed, Bitani, Dotani….. the list go on). And again ask a question from myself that one knowing about the double standard of the country’s powerful establishment led by its top spy agency. The poor people of FATA of not knowing any sort of terror, these areas once remained the most peaceful villages and towns in the country (have a search of the history). Then installed with different factories of terrorism and extremism. The leading figures from FATA killed followed by the wrath of Arab, Chechen, Uzbek, Tajik, Punjabi commanders.

As I write these lines, the trend on FATA and youths from this land are tweeting their miseries and a whole branch of Afridi Tribe, Sipah is fined millions of PKR under the FCR black law. And millions of them are yet to make their way to North Waziristan after the devastating operation (in mean of destroying peoples houses and businesses up to the date I haven’t got any statistics of ISPR having a catch of the militants raised for interference in Afghanistan).

Now a question how will the slogan of “Love Pakistan or leave Pakistan” work? Or how can we call this a patriotism? I have known patriotism come through volunteer feelings of the masses. It can’t be enforced.

We know how disturbed are Pashtuns across Pakistan? And how miserable life they are having? Even their citizenship is challenged in Punjab, Sindh and rest of Pakistan. The new phase of operations under National Action Plan is now explained by the political youth of Pashtuns as a plan against us [Pashtuns] not the terrorists.

I doubt the writer is true in explaining the slogan as patriotism unless Pashtuns are kept equal to the ones living in Punjab’s boundaries.

The fetchers of honor


Searching a house which matches your comforts and give you the feeling of real home is really difficult these days. Hectic schedules and burden of my activities compelled me to shift the house. After months long search one day I found a house in south of Peshawar. The house was beautiful neat clean and comfortable. So I shifted with my adopted family in to our newly rented house. During furnishing and setting of the house I found a beautiful small window in washroom. It was more like secret windows in mysterious movies. I looked into the window and the scene in it amazed me as there was a completely different world. It is rural part of the city the houses are constructed of mud wood and bricks. Among these many houses one of the houses is near the window and there veranda and yard are clearly visible from the secret…

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Afghanistan and Pakistan spy agencies sign MoU

Memorandum of Understanding between Afghanistan and Pakistan spy agencies NDS and ISI, NDS chief Nabil says he’s not signed. The two countries are nearer on security issues with each other after the deadliest attack on a Peshawar based Army Public School that killed several children.

Whereas the current Afghan president Ashraf Ghani has showed much flexibility toward Pakistan if compared with the former Afghan presidentHamid Karzai.

Currently the Afghanistan elected leadership especially the president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and the former president Hamid Karzai, his team members and the security officials, particularly the former NDS chiefAmrullah Saleh and current chief Nabil are never siding with this all easy change in Afghan policy toward Pakistan.

As far as observed from Pakistani media; the Pakistan based intelligentsia mostly biased toward Afghanistan, their country are backing the current improvement in the relations between the two countries. Because a theory of “strategic depth” and Pakistan interference in Afghanistan was thought to be ousting India and its impact on Kabul as a friend. (India has no soldier on Afghan land) Though India has played a key role in promoting Afghanistan development.

Another school of thought used to elaborate the situation that Pakistan is willing to install Taliban and get influence over Kabul more to its arch rival India. What would they think about the issue now as Afghanistan new government has given enough space to Pakistan. Even MoU between the spy agencies of the two countries.

Pakistan’s PM & COAS arrive at Kabul

Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif in Kabul on a visit to discuss the ties of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This comes after the first phase of Sharif visit when he announced Afghanistan as a sovereign state in his previous visit.

It is better known in Pakistan that the militancy in Afghanistan is boosted from the sanctuaries on Pakistani soil. And this practice is thought to be forcing Kabul based government not to remain friendly India but have a space for Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif as a democratically elected premier was lashed by the country’s powerful establishment (always spy agencies) when he had announced a political friendship with Afghanistan and India.

Experts are of the views that Nawaz was handing over the Afghanistan ties to Pashtun nationalists instead of any other official of the country. This was not liked by the country’s establishment so they pushed up Imran Khan the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chairman to bow down central government in Islamabad.

Mr. Khan’s months long sit-in in Islamabad at last forced central government to have not only space for country’s establishment in the foreign policy toward Afghanistan and India; but Army leaders got a complete control of it again. And that pushed the Afghan president to visit General Head Quarters instead of the elected government.

Pakistani establishment (the strong army) is believing in Afghanistan to be its strategic depth.

The existence of militancy has not only remained a threat to Afghanistan but it has crossed the line into Pakistan. Days earlier Pakistan Army’s Public Relations department ISPR announced the existence of RAW supported and backed disturbance in Pakistan.

These remarks come in a time when Pakistan economic hub Karachi is disturbed by different groups of target killing and bomb blasts. The same is taking place across Balochistan where Baloch separatists killed 20 labourers last month. Khyber Pashtunkhwa felt shocked in the last decade as it has lost 70 thousand people in different attacks and operations in Khyber Pashtunkhwa and FATA. The last one was a Pakistani Taliban attack in Peshawar based Army Public School. The latest responsibility of attack on a Pakistani helicopter was also claimed by TTP when Nawaz Sharif and other foreign diplomats were to launch important project in Gilgit Baldistan.

At the same time Afghanistan’s north (the peaceful areas of the country) have felt Taliban insurgency for the first time in last 14 years. This is a real concern for Afghan officials because the only areas they had kept calm were north of Afghanistan. At the same time President Ashraf Ghani​ has explained ISIS existence in Afghanistan when he was on his visit to the US last month.

Now the two leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan are putting a therapy to the wounds of the two countries caused by the militancy in a time when Afghanistan has signed different agreements with International forces including US Bilateral Security Agreement between Afghanistan and United States​. As well as China and India. How are these agreements felt by Pakistan and its strategic team led by establishment, is a bigger question to be answered.

Afghanistan: Qatar peace talks with Afghan Taliban

The media organizations focused on Afghanistan are busy reporting the Qatar based gathering of Afghan Taliban and the High Peace Council of Afghanistan.

Afghan government has formed its delegation to meet the Qatar based Afghan Taliban political secretariat. The Doha based group of Taliban leadership is well known for their diplomatic stay and office since the previous government under farmer president Hamid Karzai made several attempts taking Taliban in confidence and some time calling them “brothers”.

The Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid had earlier stated about the gathering to be a conference where views would be share. Seems that they are not bound to discuss the forth coming peace process, they are here merely sharing point of views.

Earlier sources of different media groups had released the secrets that Taliban would be handed over the power of Southern Provinces neighboring Pakistan, from where the sanctuaries of Afghan Taliban are told active.

According to some analysts Pakistan seems to have changed its attitude toward the militancy in Afghanistan and both the countries Pakistan and Afghanistan have find a safe side of dialogue; this boosted after the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan attacked the Peshawar based Army Public School, killing some 132 children and school staff and wounding several others. The visits by Pakistan Chief of Army Staff Gen: Raheel Sharif and ISI DG to Kabul was hoped to be building a shared strategy to counter terrorism in the region. And then Afghan president Ashraf Ghani visited Pakistan, an outcry was heard from inside Afghan circles when he visited General Headquarters the Pakistan army high office near Islamabad.

After months of the peace meetings now the Afghan Interior Minister Noorul Haq Uloomi, has claimed in his recent comments to media “Our south is disturbed by our enemy and the north by friends”. In Afghanistan enemy is a term used for the militants, mostly Taliban and probably now Islamic State, yet to be taking ground. And other experts also raised fingers over Pakistan role in stopping the sanctuaries on its soil in Quetta, Peshawar and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) well known for Quetta Shura, Haqqani Network and Hizb e Islami (Gulbadin Hekmatyar).

A new fold may come in dialogue with the Taliban, as Pakistan is said to be fully pressurizing Afghan Taliban to become part of the peace process. But the said process is a sign of concern after the Southern Commander and Kandahar Police chief Gen: Raziq told that him and other Afghan National Security Forces Commanders head are told to be the price of peace negotiation with Taliban, he further added that he’s having documents where the Afghan High Peace Council exchange sensitive information with the Taliban commanders. According to him the Afghan security officials who are die hard front line figures would be killed by the will of foreign spy agencies in the disguise of Taliban.

On the other hand Chief Executive of Afghanistan Dr. Abdullah Abdullah told a gathering nominating the Kandahar new governor that those sons of the soil who are defending motherland are laudable. And it’s never possible to exchange their lives for making peace with Taliban. If the concerns of Afghan security officials become true and the high command of the Afghan National Security Forces is killed, it would surely create a chaos in the already fragile government led by President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.