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China: would need peace among Afghanistan and Pakistan for #PCEC

The controversies are heard via social media over the Pakistan China Economic Corridor plans, a potential agreement between the two countries worthy of 46 billion US dollars. According to economics, political and social sciences expert the actual route or natural route for the said plan should go through the Balochistan’s Baloch, Pashtun and then FATA areas as well as Khyber Pashtunkhwa’s DI Khan, up to Mansehra. But the current route is showed in two possible routes one through Punjab having an extra distance for contacting Gawadar to Kashghar.

As most of the Pashtun in particular and other in general are condemning the unclear stance of Punjab, the leading Pakistani province. And the oppressed nations or other than Punjab’s masses are always worried they are kept deprived and disappointed since the creation of Pakistan.

Though the stance of the federal government is yet not clear nor they have announced the permanent route to go through. The young Pashtun lot is busy on social media; mostly criticizing their nationalist parties, the Baloch are divided in two categories. One of the parliamentarian category, still keeping silence over the issue, the other is separatist minded Baloch youth lot who sees the Gawadar handover to Chinese a neo-colonial status of their rights.

In this regard, Balochistan and Khyber Pashtunkhwa provincial assemblies have clearly passed their resolutions. The Balochistan assembly went a step ahead and called the corridor being signed between Punjab and China not Pakistan and China.

Just read the news of a Pakistani leading news paper, that Chinese have pressed Pakistani authorities to be focused on peace in Afghanistan otherwise this project can’t get the desires. We know this all is part of the political and development agreements between Pakistan China and China Afghanistan. The said agreement has some 46 billion dollars worth; different energy producing projects, as well as spread of industries around the terrorism affected and longer deprived masses in Pakistan. Another analyst even called it that both United States and Chinese government are agreed to have this project equally shared in the future.

Though the Pakistan People’s Party had called a meeting of the opposition parties the previous day, and had discussed their concerns over the said mega project. Talking to a Pashto Radio Mashaal; Wasyatullah Khan told that the opposition outcry won’t result until the governments announce its intended plan.

On the other hand; Ahsan Iqbal federal minister for planning and development had raised his finger on the neighboring country India; lobbying to make the Pakistan China Economic Corridor controversial. India has remained rival both to Pakistan and China; when the two countries used the friendship. Afghan current government has also given a broader space to Pakistan; as the previous government had India. Same is happening to China, as Afghan elected president Ashraf Ghan had his first visit to China and he sees the economic and development sector a solution to Afghanistan miseries.

Would be looking forward, but as said many slips between cup and lips. But Punjab has not to ignore the reservation of the nationalities other than Punjab.


#SocialAgreementNWA2015 and using this land #FATA for sanctuaries again

The current Social Agreement of North Waziristan states clearly that the people of FATA are to be obliged to FCR, the constitution of Pakistan and the administrative authorities (Political Agent) and let the security forces erect their camps where ever they want; never keep weapons; organize a forty members group looking after the region of tribe that no anti-state (Pakistan) element takes root or regroup. The development activities, compensations, would be provided to the tribes on equal basis (not equally with the rest of Pakistan’s masses). These orders are given and signed back on stamp papers as if these poor people were the cause of terror and extremism in the region.

Pre-history is known through the remaining of several archeological sites across Afghanistan and Pashtunkhwa (the Pashtun historical land in Pakistan) where the Zartasht and Buddhist remains prove that this land was once the center of civilization when today’s developed Europe was in Dark Ages. Herodotus has focused the Afghans living in this land of harder weathers, tough mountains and deserted plains. Alexander the great explains Pashtuns seeming divided in tribes and attacking with joint efforts toward invader; where no one can stand before their retaliation. And in his letter to his mom ‘every mom give birth to an Alexander here [Afghanistan]’. It’s doesn’t mean to interpret the motherland loving Pashtuns wrongly. If we look through the pages of history; the same are words by the rest of invaders of Afghan lands. Lets come to a piece of this land and zoom it a bit in the folds of history surf.

The name of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is well known if we go through the three Afghan Anglo wars, the Kashmir fight with India after 14 August 1947 (Pakistan had no regular army used tribes from this land as volunteer soldiers), then the USSR invasion of Afghanistan the resistance they felt from the said region, emergence of the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ that was called by the then Taliban regime and the Taliban movement from 1994 to 2001, and then comes the 9/11 World Trade Center attack that changed the political scenario of the region (Pakistan & Afghanistan).

The Fata makes headlines in national and international media whenever there is a hit by US drone strike or the bombing in Afghanistan on the ISAF & Nato, Afghan forces or on this side across Peshawar, Quetta, Gilgit Baltistan, Karachi are search and tracked back to this land, because, thousands of hardliner fighters and ideologues of the Arab, Chechen, Uzbek and Punjabis were pushed back from Tora Bora and rest of Afghanistan by the international coalition forces to take shelter in FATA with an aim to have a slap on the international community’s face (though Pakistan had undertaken the role of an ally in document but it proved duplicity for fulfilling its wishes of the ‘strategic depth’). Fata especially the North Waziristan Agency, Khyber and Barha areas are hit by the ongoing Zarb e Azb operation launched on the militant hide outs (according to Army ISPR where no other media organization or reporter is allowed to visit the area) and spread to Khyber one and then Khyber two (no one has the record of peaceful masses and militant killed in the ongoing deadliest operations).

Only in Pakistan head counts shows some 70 thousand (above 60 thousand Pashtuns) masses including 5 thousand security personnel being killed after the launch of war on terror a front made of “America (Nato Allies), Afghanistan and Pakistan”. In short this war has brought up here deadliest operations from Swat to South and North Waziristan. The last ones Zarb e Azb, Khyber One and Khyber Two were launched after the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif led government failed to progress the dialogue process with Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan after Karachi airport was attacked in the mean time.

Frontier Crimes Regulation is a black colonial law that has pushed the people of FATA to live a life of miseries; whether it was the colonial era or after the creation of Pakistan. A tribe is punished for the crime of an individual, no rule of law, the powerful or the establishment liked is supported against the poor members of tribe. Basic human rights, freedom of speech, opinion, and vote, basic needs provision (Health Education et cetra) are prohibited for almost 4 million population. The said law was only applied here to keep the British imperials rule on the sub-continent.

So a buffer zone was need of time between the Britain ruled India and the Tzarist Russia. It was a misfortune that the strategically attractive Pashtunkhwa was controlled by the Britishers after Gandamak and Durand treaties and encroachment of Afghan lands for the said purpose. That’s the reason why the Pashtun are still not aware of their basic human rights in the 21st century and are provided with a stricter and harder FCR to sign on for remaining faithful to Pakistan after being used as fuel of its strategic depth. These hardships, flees as IDPs, killing in operations, slaughtering by militants and arrest by law enforcers will go on until Pakistan remains a player in the American (super power) team. Pakistan remains hopeful to win the Ghazwa Hind and Ghazwa Khurasan (the religiously interpreted wars by Pakistani establishment doctrine). And the poor Pashtuns will blend in the blenders of so called holly wars.

Note: observing the situation it is never an end for FATA, as it is again prepared for remaining a sanctuary used for some more decades. As authorities are not sincere; they only keep these people in dark and would never remove their status of “black hole” for militants regrouping and emergence again and again.