“You the youths are our hope, get education & help people” says a tribal elder from Waziristan

Just came across a rush on the main University Road Peshawar; when asked was informed that a program was going on where youths had gathered in a program to aware youth, motivate them for blood donation.

“We are gone; you (youths) are our future, just see what happened with us? We are never lesser than the justices sitting on high seats in Pakistan, the only difference is empowering ourselves with knowledge, lets end the culture of keeping gun in the hands of our children; like I have done and change it with a culture of pen and book”, told the chief guest of the program Malik Raees Khan Wazir, an elder from the North Waziristan. “You are our hope you are requested to be in front row of helping the needy people whoever they are; irrespective of color, race and language”.

The words of the elder were heavier if examined in the balance scale of wisdom; though, he’s not having any degree from prestigious university. But has learn one thing the “Pashtunwali– code of life of Pashtuns”.  It were his words, his smiley face, his love of people which pushed me write a bit about the program and Waziristan.

The Pakistan media has always curved a sketch of the proud Pashtuns in general and Waziristanis‬ in particular as people who don’t know love, passion, smiles, feelings, democracy, development, negotiations, counseling, rights, relations of nations.

To be honest; these proud Pashtuns are the wisest minds who have lived and breathed in peace and freedom for ever. They actually know what the freedom is. No matter, they are bombarded, pushed out from their houses and villages, their picture misinterpreted to the world as killers. It’s never true; these are the children of the Pashtunkhwa‬ soil. They have the blood of peace teaching mother in themselves.

If you wanna read about them; just visit their smaller villages, muddy walled homes, hujras and mosques you’ll better understand; how civilized they are. They have never killed their rival from behind; their code of life is a complete constitution respect of women, old age elders, children even in war and conflict they loss their life; but keep their pride up and never bow before invaders. They are hard as rocks but soft as rose petals.

Waziristan Blood Donating Bank oath taking ceremony; the traditional Pashto attan (Traditional Dance). The volunteer members of the society, singers, doctors, officials, youth and social activists were part of the program. The report of the society cited that they provide thousands of CC blood the needy people every month from their contact tree of thousands of youths who are registered members and donate their blood whenever their is a need.


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