Indian remain friendly to world powers but not Pakistan

Nations are as living beings whenever they feel cold they try to have some fuel for keeping him/herself warm, do sunbathing, find energetic food to keep him more warmer, when the weather take its turn and it comes to hot summer. The same individuals try to drink cold and keep themselves in shelter away from the scorching sun.

Lets look into India and Pakistan changing their policies toward world powers.

When Pakistan joined the imperialist block in 1960s and the Indian moved to ‪#‎USSR‬ because the two neighboring states were pursuing their rivalries over the water & territory disputes of Kashmir. I remind the quote that states that politics is not something written on a rock piece to remain permanent.

Now or some decades earlier after the USSR down, India has switched back to US for the betterment of a prosperous and peaceful developed Indian state. Political thoughts and views can see a change when there’s will of the masses. The people of India formed a real democratic nation having a diversity of dozens of nations inside it providing shelter to the bigger share of world masses I mean No.2 after China. But she still tries her best to switch those policies which are never in the shape of religious ideology but clearly interest based.

Look, just got a news how mourning starts in India over the death of ‪#‎KingAbdullah‬, a Muslim monarch from Saudi Arabia, she never miss the chance & ignore the death because in the near future she’d be planning to have a space in Middle East market for her exported goods as well as men-power who work there in different fields and earn plenty of some return back to their families in India or to their Indian nation.

Now, lets come our side, I means Pakistan. We are still stuck to the theorem of he’s Yahood & she is Nasara [Indians see interests whether it is in Muslim, Yahood, Nasara or anyone else she doesn’t care her foreign policies be formed with a mix up of her Hindo religious thoughts]. And Indians are now peaking the mountain of development, business and trade as a key player in the South Asian or I will say in Asia.

Isn’t it a chance for Pakistan to follow the way Indians and other neighbors and regional countries do instead of stuck to the decades old expired policies of strategic depth in Afghanistan and “Kashmir Hamari Shehrag hay”. Yeah, we know we want to bleed this Shehrag that would kill us automatically. Wise people and leadership chalk out wiser decisions.

It is clear that India has made wiser decision but I feel a complete absence on Pakistani side when we go through the chart of history explaining Pakistan in international relations with neighboring countries and world power.

Therefore even now as I type this blog those who [Pakistan intelligentsia responsible for policy change] are still stuck to their decades old mindset and mentalities. Please you are requested to have a look over the result of the previous deadliest policies and its impact on Pakistan as a south Asian nation. That’s why this enrich country would surely have its death by the hands of terror groups she had supported to breed in its soil for decades.


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