Waziristan: A land kept spare for strategic activities

Is Pakistan sincere with our masses?

Who settled world international militants in 80s & 90s in Waziristan and then doubled their number after 9/11 when Tora Bora was hit by American bombardment. It should not remain a question anymore. Because no one from Wazirs, Mehsuds, Bitannis, Dawars, Dothanis and other tribes are having state policies in neither their hands nor these tribes have security authorities.

A well versed Pashtun Nationalist leader Mahmood Khan Achakzai always says, Tribal from Waziristan are not knowing the areas from where the world top ranking militants comes. If someone ask a tribal where is Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Uzbakistan, Xingiang, Middle East situated. No one will tell you the direction of those countries. Then who brought these world class militants to the lands of tribes?

This question is clearly responded even before asking it. No one can enter the tribal agencies without the permission of Political Agent [Bureaucrats from Pakistani state ruling the agencies as a supremo]. Then how the flow of thousands of militants took place? It is obvious that Pakistan used the areas as sanctuaries for these militants with an aim to interfere in Afghanistan again.

It was Pakistan’s powerful state and its establishment who ran Federally Administered Tribal Areas [FATA] under Frontier Crimes Regulation [FCR]. The said law is not letting the masses of FATA to remain in the mainstream of country political and human rights laws circle.

Just take an example of treatment humans of tribes. Here in FATA whole of the villagers whether they are male or female, elders or even children is given a collective punishment if an individual of the same tribe is involved in any sort of crime. Means if I am from Mehsud tribe, and I abduct someone from another tribe. FCR rules will punish my whole tribe. You can imagine how harsh is the attitude of Pakistan toward these tribes? That even didn’t let tribal masses to decide their own lives. Or we’ll say they are kept in a land of no laws.

Basic human rights reach to justice, freedom of speech, basic needs of health and education do not exist in FATA, everyone will understand it all once going through the British colonial black law Frontier Crimes Regulation.

After all this; Pakistan launched Zarb e Azb and Khyber One that not only pushed 1 million tribal to migrate from their villages and towns. And their remains were bombed. And now foreign ambassadors are told that how well Pakistan did its job. So sad is the moment for Pashtun nation that has lost more than 70 sons and daughters in the deadliest attacks of these militants. And are even today killed with the same impunity, I don’t think it will take a calmer end until unless Pakistan change its mentality toward terrorism and extremism. Waziristan will remain a spare piece of land for Pakistan’s strategic activities whether it is interference in Afghanistan or a holly war launch on Indian Kashmir.


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