Pakistan: Peshawar Army Public School re-opens after Taliban deadliest attack

The Peshawar school re-opens after a month of Army Public School Peshawar incident that killed some 132 children, staff members and security personnel on 16 December 2014. Some 126 children were reported injured and rushed to different hospitals in Peshawar.

Everyone watching the Pakistani media would have heard and felt the mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, relatives, teacher’s feelings who had lost their loved ones. And those who are on social media would have surely focused the flower like faces of these innocent children.

The attack shocked the masses from around Pashtunkhwa, Pakistan, region and globe. This was the reason when Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi was from the first leaders who strongly condemned the attack and called to his Pakistani counter-part Nawaz Sharif to condole with on the incident killing flower like children in Army Public School. Same were the message from neighboring Afghanistan and other leaders.

The massacre was condemned globally when UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon and the American president Barak Obama put forward their messages.

The attack was claimed by Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan spokesman Muhammad Khurasani and then the chief of the organization Mullah Fazlullah. Both had told in their email and video message the Peshawar Army Public School was an Army run school and the Army children who were adult 18 years and above students were singled out of the school.

The incident was linked [reaction] to the Pakistan army deadliest operation killing “Tribal women, children and innocent people” in Federally Administered Tribal Areas and around Pakistan. The TTP chief even warned that if the killing of tribal children and women continues so Pakistan Army’s strategic points will be targeted. He called on the Army not to kill civilian; and chase us [Taliban] in the open battle.

The Pakistani government called their emergency meeting at Peshawar where all parties were present and the Premier Nawaz Sharif accompanied by rest of the political, democratic, religious parties vowed to eradicated both “Good and Bad Taliban” alike. And also mentioned that they’ll chalk out a strategy against terrorism, in this regard the Pakistan’s Army chief and ISI head visited Kabul to discuss the security issues with Afghan president Ashraf Ghani and the Nato commander in Afghanistan.

A Pashtun girl, Bibi Fatma the sister of a student Afaq who was among the students killed in the Army Public School Peshawar, tells VoA Deewa Radio in tears, “Mom, stands in our way and tells that she will never let us go to school any more. Because it is better to stay home in spite of being lost forever”.

She adds, that her mom is not normal because she lost her loved one and is in a complete psyche shock and trauma. Therefore she is never agreed sending us [remaining children] to schools anymore.

Just came across a child going to school accompanied by his parents, says, “I’ll go to my school regularly, as it will remain normal onward”.

The Chief of Army Staff Gen: Raheel Sharif will be probably chairing the event of the school re-opening and paying his tribute to the lost souls.

Called another social and youth activist Sana Ijaz busy in welcoming the school coming children says, “I feel these children so energetic, the girls are more confident than boys are. As some boys are accompanied by their parents and seems unwilling to go to school”.

She adds these are the saddest moments when parents are having photos of their lost children tied to their hearts. “No one can remain without cries because that flower like children won’t visit Army Public School anymore. Even some parents lost their only children and they are having none at their home”.

Here comes the Question what we [Pakistanis] do that such incidents would not take place in the future. And what are the federal and provincial government plans. How is the share of Pakistan’s strong army establishment to tackle the issue of terrorism?

Pakistan is having its historical background in breeding terrorism on its soil. Because Pakistan needed these militant organizations for re-claiming Kashmir, the Indian state of majority Muslim population that pushed Pakistan and India to fight 3 greater wars.

Second comes Afghanistan after 1979 the Saur revolution and the USSR invasion of the country when Pakistani based jihadist not only pushed Soviets to withdraw from Afghanistan but also got Afghanistan their [fifth province] in the shape of the then Mujahideen led civil war and then the Taliban regime.

At least Pakistan role came visible into media; intelligentsia, globally well known intelligence communiqués after the country took a “U” turn in its policy toward the militant organizations based in Afghanistan. Who had claimed the 9/11 attack on World Trade Center in the United States of America’s New York City.

After a decade it is known that Pakistan never took their “U” turn. Because in spite of eradication of terrorism it got a complex shape the attacks on Nato, ISAF and Afghan forces via AlQaeda militants, Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Network are going on. Though FATA, Peshawar, Karachi, Quetta and rest of the areas are named by Afghan and Nato forces to be the nest of militancy breeding organizations. Pakistan never tried assisting her allies [Afghanistan and Nato] in the war on terror. But received heavy funds from the US and coalition partners on the name of counter terrorism.

Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, an umbrella organization for the Pakistani militants got its birth from the belly of Pakistani establishment state policy of “strategic depth”. In 2007, the then leader of the organization Baitullah Mehsud launched the deadliest campaign against Pakistani government and army. As TTP is linked with both Al-Qaeda and Afghan Taliban, the said organization names Mullah Muhammad Omer, the Afghan Taliban chief as emir of the faithful. At the same time TTP seeks the implementation of “Sharia Law” in Pakistan. As they [TTP] had fought for the purpose of the said law in Afghanistan.

The only way Pakistan can gain peace in the region should be a peaceful existence in the region and no interference in Afghanistan and rest of the neighbors, saying no to any sort of militancy and terror trainings on own land. And let the democratically elected government decide its foreign policy.

Some security analysts don’t believe in Pakistan’s shift in policy toward Afghanistan and India after the Peshawar attack. And states only bad Taliban are singled out from the Good. Because still the good Taliban can work for the Pakistan’s military establishment interests in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of Nato forces in 2015. Therefore Quetta, Peshawar, Fata and Karachi are used as sanctuaries for the deadly militants.

If the above paragraph is fact then how many more Peshawar School like attack we should wait for? And how often will they [militant] kill us with that impunity? As our own policies [strategic depth, interference in neighboring nations] are deadly and we destroy our own people this way. Taliban are nothing more than the wrong policies we pursued.

Note: For God sake we are not able to shoulder more funerals as 70 thousand people [Pashtun] are killed during the last decade. The nation is asking a change into deadliest policies we have in our skulls. This can be the only solution of our problem.


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