The future of Afghanistan: A reply to an opinion by an Afghan writer.

The writer is much impressed by the news releases he has read; as well as the so called modules produced by US MPs and their think tanks. I would refer him reading the local version as well as regional and global instead of putting your focus only on the US version. I don’t think Afghanistan will face any death by the hands of Taliban after the withdrawal of Nato; as Taliban would loose their moral and religious ideology backed support. As they wouldn’t be fighting a war against non-Muslim they call “infidels”.

You are right Afghanistan is both strategically and economically important for regional and world powers. Here you have pointed Russia, US and China. I would not agree; if they are using Taliban and other militants against one and other. Because they are agreed to the phenomenon of Terror hazardous to global peace. So, it is not a nation or a region crying over the militancy and terror. It is now almost every nation who is suffered.

The role of Pakistan and India; I don’t think we can prove Indian support to Taliban; as the same religious groups are against Indians because of the Taliban or TTP ideological background linked to Sharia Law. That’s never recognizing borders.

But one thing you miss here is the historical rivalry between Kabul and Islamabad; the Pakistani Army deadliest policies toward Afghanistan in the nut shell of “strategic depth” causes the biggest problem in the region.

I am never agreed to your Salafi, Shiite and Turkish Hanafi ideologies fight in Afghanistan. If we look in the history window of Afghanistan; nothing such bad have taken place as all these religious sects and many religions have lived in Afghanistan.

I would conclude your my comment; that there is never an ethnicity fight among Afghans. I still remember how warmly the then Afghan presidential candidate and now Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah was welcomed in Kandahar the southern center of Afghanistan. And he got enough votes from here when Kandaharis heard his speeches for the betterment and broader scheme of his political program. Same were the respects given to Ashraf Ghani and he even got a bigger share from the northern areas of Afghanistan.

At the end; political system in Afghanistan needs a change? If yes then Afghan parliament and government can bring it and change it from Presidential to parliamentary system. But I don’t think it is that much important issue as former Afghan president Karzai and his team run the country with the same system for 14 years and took it out of the destroyed Taliban ruled Afghanistan into today’s progressing nation.

You can read the writer views in the link below:

Afghanistan: Unaccomplished Mission, Uncertain Future – Analysis


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