Pakistan: lets stop own destruction after Peshawar brutal attack

The attack on Peshawar Army Public School killed at least 142 wounded more than 126 majority of them school going children, school staff members and Pakistani security personnel at the said school. The attack was later claimed by the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan spokesman Muhammad Khorasani. Who had talked to a foreign news organization and called it retaliation to Zarb-e-Azb operation in North Waziristan. He added, most of the children were from Army families and the said organization having popular schools and colleges around the country is linked with Pakistan Army. Khorasani also added that the fighters were ordered to shoot the elder students not children.

Khorasani has further stated that their [TTP] attacks on Pakistan military organizations will keep going. He states that the Peshawar school attack was planned by the TTP operational head and organizational head of the Peshawar and Dara Adamkhel chapter, Khalifa Umer Mansoor.

Khorasani adds that civilian should remain away from the military institutions and organizations otherwise they’ll be themselves responsible of the destruction.

Pakistan Army chief, Gen: Raheel Sharif shortened his Quetta based event, passing out parade of the army recruits form Balochistan, and made his way to Peshawar. Where the Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif had also arrived for monitoring the situation from very close and advising the security forces to minimize the death tool and get the inside school children and staff member with safety.

The Pakistan Army well trained SSG Commandoes took part in counter operation. And the fight went long, that caused a higher number of causalities. Otherwise, Taliban sources had confirmed the number of attackers having both target killers and suicide bombers as 6, but Pakistan army’s ISPR director General Asim Bajwa told the press reporters that the attackers were 9 and all were killed by the end of the day.

At the same time Afghan Taliban spokesman has condemned the attack on a school in Peshawar.

Peshawar’s Warsak Road Army Public school was soon covered by the parents and relatives who had their children inside the school. Most of them remained senseless, searching every child coming out covered by the Pakistani security personnel. Most of the parents went hopelessly, as their dead and injured children were rushed to the nearer Lady Reading Hospital and Combined Military Hospital Peshawar. The hospitals staff mixed their weeps and sorrows with the parents and relatives by seeing the flowery faces of mostly under teen and teenage students. And Peshawar in particular and Pashtunkhwa [the Pashtun populated belt in Pakistan] as whole felt the shocking news in moments after the tragic incident took place.

Though Lady Reading Hospital is not new to such casualties, as the said institute was the front line health facilitator to injured, killed and traumatized after the launch of war on terror. As Peshawar is under the black cloud of sorrows and grieves since 2007, after the launch of TTP. The AlQaeda linked Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan active in Fata and Khyber Pashtunkhwa, as Peshawar is capital city of the province so most of their activities took place here. According to a rough estimate some 70 thousand civilians and security forces of Pakistan [most of them from Pashtunkhwa, Peshawar, FATA, Quetta, and Karachi] have been killed in the said war with non-state actors [some analyst name them].

Political leadership from around the country and world has strongly condemned the brutal and inhumane attack on Peshawar school.

Let’s now go a bit back to the historical background of the said organization, TTP. After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, capitalist world launched their anti communist USSR campaign and produced warlord groups to counter the then super power. Pakistan became its [US and capitalist group] active ally because it was in fear that the socialist regime in Kabul will be a cause of Pakistan’s disturbance in the shape of “Pashtunistan issue”. As the naturally linked Afghans from Pakistan and Afghanistan both side lives in a divided region of their geography. And this division is not new; it is going back to the 1893 Durand Line drawn by the United Kingdom British Rulers.

After the USSR defeat and Afghanistan’s socialist regime collision, the World capitalist block left Afghanistan to be on its own as the Geneva Accord was signed and the Afghan socialist leader and the fourth ruler of the Kabul under PDPA regime, Dr Najibullah resigned. The throne went to Gulbadin Hekmatyar and (Late) Prof: Burhanuddin Rabbani. But soon a war among the two leaders and some 7 to 8 groups erupted, which is known as Afghan Civil War.

They [the capitalists] didn’t consider the Arab [including AlQaeda in Chief Osama Binladen from Saudi Arabia, Aimanul Zawahiri from Egypt accompanied by hundreds of their well trained fighters] and other Muslim fighters they had brought here for countering the expansionist policy of USSR. Now a new chance came to Pakistan, because of her rivalry [the two have fought on Kashmir issue for three times] to its neighbor India and formed a policy of “strategic depth” means using Afghanistan as a piece of land against its bigger in size enemy India. This military strategic term interrupted in Pakistan in a tune that Afghanistan be considered its fifth province to breed the anti India militant forces as well as keeping well wishers of Pakistan on Kabul throne.

Those militant groups [both indigenous and foreign] who were bred in Afghanistan took a complex structure, I won’t explain it more, the complexity of their militancy grew and peaked then hit the World Trade Center and 9/11 took place in the United States of America. By then the Afghan children were remembered that the deadly force of Islamist militant in Taliban’s ruled Afghanistan are a threat to American interests and global peace. So war on terror was launched on. How this war was fought can be traced in “The Wrong Enemy” by Carlotta Gall, a veteran journalist who has covered Afghanistan since the US troops invasion against the Taliban [who had sheltered AlQaeda] regime on October 7, 2001.

The writer, Carlotta Gall in her book; The Wrong Enemy, nicely explains how American were dodged again. When the then Pakistani President Gen: Musharaf showed a mere “U” turn Taliban regime supporting policy. But later it proved wrong enemy fighting in the wrong zone when AlQaeda leader was tracked on May 2, 2011 [a decade after the Pakistan US and international community joint launch of war against terrorism] in American Navy Seal operation just in the Garrison town of Abbottabad some miles away from Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. She further states that the then President Gen: Pervez Musharaf, [the fake ally of US war on terror her quotes proves], his army and intelligence agency chiefs knew the presence of AlQaeda leader. She adds, they not only knew his presence but had a special army official to monitor the AlQaeda leader being traced by the US and other intelligence services from around the world.

She explains in different chapters how the Afghan Taliban, foreign militants under the umbrella of AlQaeda and Taliban [now an hybrid against the infidel enemy in Afghanistan] moved themselves to FATA (Federally Administered Areas of Pakistan). And were looked by the Pakistani state in the said land of tribal Pashtuns. As Pakistan was waiting to revise its policy openly once the Nato forces leave Afghanistan. But clashes took place between the militant groups and Pakistani military after US pressure on Pakistani government and its stronger military leadership. As the stronger Afghan Taliban, Haqqani Network were launching their spring attacks against Afghan and International Community around Afghanistan. In this regard several operations were launched against those who were earlier settled in FATA with an aim to use for taking the throne of Kabul again. This resulted the creation of TTP in 2007, in leadership of Baitullah Mehsud. Who started targeting Pakistan in retaliation for the first time in an open war against the state.

The US drone strike had started by killing an Afghan Jihad veteran and now the foreign and Afghan Taliban facilitator, Naik Muhammad in 2004. When Naik Muhammad had clashed with Pakistani army several times. As Pakistani officials were using the dual faced policy. Arresting the AlQaeda and Taliban fighters whenever pressure would come from Washington. Therefore the army saw Naik Muhammad a young tribal much dangerous and therefore asked for US drone help.

Earlier Afghanistan stuck in civil war of the Mujahideen fictions led by Pakistan had turned to a well planned laboratory for producing the militancy groups. Those were intended to be used against the neighbor [India]. Even a smaller bacteria producing laboratory can’t be that open because the production of bacteria can get an unknown code and may be capable to affect everything it is attached to. But Pakistan based “conservative and extremist mentality” didn’t considered this spread of own raised snakes bites. Even today, the apologize-rs inside the society are day dreaming of Pan-Islamism and capturing the region under their rule.

Even at this time we [Pakistan] are blamed for using our sanctuaries in Fata, Quetta, and Peshawar against the destruction of Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Jalalabad and Mazar e Sharif. And the intelligence agencies, news reports, world leading researchers have proved this in their statements and research out lets. The same mentality of “strategic depth” still exists and Afghanistan is disturbed for the same purpose. As I write these lines, I have got a tweet from a journalist friend that the Kabul Bank branch in Helmand is attacked some 10 killed and 10 other injured.

So the death of flowers like children in Peshawar school is a result of the above explained hidden policy of the Pakistani military. The only need of policy can change the said south Asian region into a peaceful one. Earlier to this Pakistan, Afghanistan, regional countries [Iran, India, China, Central Asian Nations, Russia] and international community can come around a table for the solution of militancy rise in Pakistan and Afghanistan in particular and region in general. The Peshawar school attack is not the last nor the first; we have lost 70 thousand civilian and security forces. It will go on unless we change our mentality.

RIP to all the innocent souls who lost their lives in Army Public School in a terrorist attack; pray for quicker recovery of injured and hopeful that we change our mentality with an aim not to be the cause of further self destruction.


One thought on “Pakistan: lets stop own destruction after Peshawar brutal attack

  1. Arian Khan

    The Inside Story of Peshawar Attacks . Pakistan Security And Civil Establishment Must Now End Up the Policy of Good and bed tailbans .. They both are The Threats for the Life in The Region . Lets Go and Finish Them By hook or Crook … We Should Eradicate Them at any Cost Now . Delay in it Will Bring more incidents , the worst incidents like peshawar Attacks … That Could not be tolerated any more . The national and regional consensus must be made to achieve the target . Spy Agencies should be on the single page to eliminate those elements …


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