Kabul: suicide bomb blasts killing ANA personnels & Pakistan, US relations

The deadly attacks by Afghan Taliban are continuing across Afghanistan. Today’s attacks in Kabul are again claimed by their spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid via his twitter account. In the latest attack Mujahid claimed his organization’s suicide bomber hit the Benz 303 bus loaded with Afghanistan National Army, according to his figure some 45 personnel of the newly trained Afghanistan National Security Forces were killed.

On the other hand, media organizations have reported some 14 injured were carried to Kabul based hospitals.

It is not the first attack, earlier the strategic camp emptied after Britishers’ withdrawal came under attack. Later on the Taliban website stated that their 10 suicide bombers and fighter went through the camp killing many of Afghanistan forces and damaging the camp badly.

I still remember how Afghanistan army tried to cover the Helmand and Kabul attacks by attacking a tracker fitted Houbara Bustard, the Siberian migratory bird making its way through Afghanistan and reaching to Pakistan’s deserts in Balochistan province.

Former president of ‪Afghanistan Hamid ‪‎Karzai is missed and much remembered after ‪Kabul blasts and an increase in disturbance across the country. In process dealing between United States of America and Pakistan where Afghanistan’s newly formed government is totally bypassed [handing over Afghanistan forces captured Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan commander or the man No.2 after Hakimullah Mehsud, Latif Mehsud to Pakistan]. At the same time media has reported the deaths of TTP leadership and important commanders in the drone strikes on Afghanistan side of Kunar and Nuristan.

On the other side, Afghanistan government and its spy agency has taken the Pakistani spy agencies responsible for providing safe heavens to Afghanistan disturbing militants. This is proved by the earlier statement of Pakistan’s Sartaj Aziz, a veteran politician and adviser on foreign affairs to Premier Nawaz Sharif. Aziz had stated in his interview with BBC that Pakistan should not own the war of others and should single out the militants who are only against Pakistan, he further stated that his country should not take on the enmity of militants who are against Afghanistan and the United States of America [surely pointing to the Afghan Taliban, Haqqani Network and Quetta Shura].

Such a one sided and biased US policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan won’t work for creating peace in the region, that’s disturbed by the outlawed organization active in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Though, US drone has started a speedy attacking of the wanted militants both in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s black-whole FATA. On the other side Pakistan army chief’s recent visit to US has boosted the hitting of Al-Qaeda militants across the country. And for Zarb e Azb and Khyber 1 operation military assistance from US will surely make its way to Pakistan. Even though the impact and credibility of the operations is yet not monitored through media and human rights watch.

Ignoring Afghanistan and its people in such a situation where ISAF: NATO forces in Afghanistan: would be withdrawing after 14 years of war would surely lead the region to a mess rather than stability of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Now people will understand Karzai’s last speech raising his finger on both Pakistan and US. Ashraf Ghani & Dr. Abdullah Abdullah are still confused to form their cabinet; Ghani’s much bowed photos with COAS in Pakistan don’t seem to work. As the Afghanistan issue with Pakistan is pretty political rather than economic.

Afghanistan and Pakistan are two neighboring states having a controversy over different issues. As Pakistan remained the hardest ally of US in Afghan resistance against USSR and then remained active in Afghan civil war. The said war killed millions of people and remaining of them fled the country to live the miserable life in refugee camps of Pakistan and Iran. And after this phase Pakistan was the only neighboring country that supported the Taliban regime by giving them way to enter Afghanistan. Not only this the Benazir Bhutto government fully influenced by the stronger army and its spy agencies were the creator of this force that at last formed bound to Al-Qaeda that later claimed responsibility of World Trade Center 9/11 attacks. Even at the time of writing these lines, Pakistan is taken as the breeding nest of Afghan Taliban, Haqqani Network, Quetta Shura in different research reports and independent analysis.

Though, we can’t hide the positivity of current civilian government in ‪Pakistan who are given tough time in the shape of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf led by Imran Khan, and forced not to deal the Afghan policy independent of Pakistan’s powerful spy agencies & its army.

One can sadly say that Nawaz Sharif is having greater positiveness [in his earlier Premiership times this leader from Punjab was not that much realist toward Afghanistan] toward Kabul. But poor Sharif’s position is not that stronger. It can be judged after US dealing the government to government affairs with Pakistan army instead of elected government of Sharif.

The only conclusion of this war can come by sitting to a table of dialogue of Afghanistan and Pakistan endorsed by the regional powers and monitored by the international community. Otherwise this sanctuary and interference game in Afghanistan will not only destabilize Afghanistan and Pakistan. The cancerous form of double faced policy of interference and militancy support would surely cause a death to regional peace or even it can extend to global peace.

With courtesy Afghanistan Times Kabul, that published the piece in their Op-Ed page on 16 December 2014.


2 thoughts on “Kabul: suicide bomb blasts killing ANA personnels & Pakistan, US relations

  1. Arian Khan

    The Picture Of New Era … Which is Quite Shocking For Afghanistan as nation . Ashraf Ghani Must be Working on the issue to tackle according to the wishes and interests of Afghan People … Dealing With Pakistan and USA is the One Of Key Issue For national Unity Govt Of Kabul . Kabul Administration Must have Lessons from experienced Ex President #Hamid Karzai ….

  2. Rohail khan

    where is ‪#‎Karzai‬ to control this killings. where are Human Rights Commission For Social Justice and Peace. we afghan do not need more dead bodies of people of region


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