Lets provide a book and school instead of gun and tank to children: Malala Yousafzai

Swat comes to its normality and people live there with peace and harmony again. It is hoped that the progress and development will take its root again. The tourism would attract tourist from around the world once again. Though, this one time unlucky valley had lost its colors, was controlled by those groups having a mind set of hate and extremes of their ideology. The only girl who stood against them was given a punishment through the barrel of gun; when she didn’t stop her voice go on media and to many ears in public gatherings of Swat.

The story of a tinny faced Malala Yousafzai is not hidden now, as she is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. The child hero who struggled for girls education in particular and education for all in general, but was tried to be quite by the then militants surrounding Khyber Pashtunkhwa’s paradise like valley of Swat. She only didn’t stop her work but sped it up with more energy and activism.

This was the girl who wrote the BBC Pashto blog with her pseudo name Gulmakai. That actually became a whistle blow against the well known Mullah Fazlullah, the FM radio Mullah, his regime and follower. This pushed the government to take action against this non-state actor. Fazlullah and his followers of a mindset, who had not only pushed the people of Swat to the stone ages but had opened his own way of judiciary, where his loyal militia beheaded people, lashed girl in the public and forced women not to go to Bazar, banned smaller girls from school and started bombing every educational institute.

The turn of people came one by one; everyone disliked by this stronger Taliban commander came through an announcement from his very popular FM radio. Some 3 million people of Swat left the area and were made IDPs [internally displaced persons]. According to a rough figure some 800 schools and colleges were brought to the ground level. This was not only miserable for the people of Swat, rest of Khyber Pashtunkhwa felt the wrath from a distance. The music play was stopped on the buses going to Mardan, Sawabi and other neighboring districts. Because in the Taliban interpreted Sharia Law, the Music hearings were Haram. None should have ear before listening Music. People from those areas waited for this wrath stretching to touch them.

On the other Hand, Fata [Federally Administered Tribal Areas] were already under the clouds of terror, target killing, bombs blasts. This had killed some 12 hundreds tribal chiefs in its first phase. This resulted in collision of the social structure of Jirga/Council. And youths were left to the mercy of Al-Qaeda impacted Taliban groups. No one cared these lands of Pashtuns. As Pakistan had to pursue its policies of “Strategic Depth” and expansionism or a having influence on Kabul. The death toll in suicide bombing, target killing, slaughtering had risen over to 50 thousand civilian and government security personnel.

Gulmakai—Malala Yousafzai was only a 14 years old child. She became the icon of courage among her fellows, and started to be part of the public gathering of civil societies and political elders. Soon, she gained popularity at her village and town. As Taliban were cleared from the area after Army took control of Swat. Their [Taliban] loyal were still surrounding the society under cover. Malala, her father and her father’s friends & political comrades were given open letters to stop their pro-education, pro-democracy and anti terrorism & extremism activities. Otherwise wait for their turn to be either targeted in a gun attack or bomb in their school [Malala’s father was head master of his own private girls and boys school].

If aware class of a society stop their criticism and practical struggle against the wrongs to their political, social and cultural surrounding, then the result will be bloodshed, destruction and erosion of development from the surface of earth. On such event and issues not only criticism a holy war against those who stopped education for children was boosted up by Zia ud din and his daughter Malala. This didn’t go long; soon the militants understood the value of words much powerful then the bullets in their guns. This made Malala be targeted by a militant who searched her out in her school van at a time when she was on way to school with rest of her fellows. This caused injuring Malala so serious as bullet had penetrated through her skull, and wounding two of the fellows boarded in the van. Thanks God, she was brought to Islamabad/Rawalpindi based army hospital, in a military helicopter. This only happened after a high cry was made on Pakistan private TV channels and international media. Otherwise she wound have survived. She went through some surgeries, and finally recovered from unconsciousness in an English Hospital.

The courage and struggle of Malala was lauded around the world. She became a global icon after recovering from her injuries in England. The world leaders nominated her as the child education campaigner. And UN Secretary General Bun Ki-moon, former UK Premier Gordon Brown, US President Barak Obama, Afghan President Hamid Karzai and leaders around the world praised the child hero and her struggle against a mindset and their blackish hurdles in the way of “Light” and education. I remember I was in Kabul, Afghanistan, when tinny girls and boys planned a pray for Malala campaign.Than this all went beyond the boundaries of nations.

Therefore, Malala was nominated for Nobel Peace Prize just months ago, and today, she received it with another social activist from India. Malala’s award ceremony is celebrated around Pashtunkhwa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, region and globally. Though, she was named a western agent, or not hurt in real. But today, her speech starting with the name of God Almighty, the references from Quran and Hadith pushed some conservative Pakistani leaders to congratulate her via their twitter and facebook accounts. At a time when Pakistan is still divided toward Malala’s struggle. Khyber Pashtunkhwa provincial assembly led by Pakistani cricketer turned politician Imran Khan’s PTI is still reluctant to pass the resolution of “Malala Yousafzai congratulation on the award of Nobel Peace Prize”.

The great piece from her speech on the eve of Nobel Peace Prize ceremony she told she’s committed to pursue her struggle until deprived and out of school children are back to schools. She called on world leaders that if there are plenty guns for people why not books for children? If world can build tanks then why not schools? She stressed on education in particular the female education, while she was accompanied by the deprived girls from around the globe. She recited the Quranic word “Iqra”—meaning read. And told the gathering Islam, the peace spreading religion is giving rights to both men and women for education. She told that she was named after the Malala of Maiwand, Afghanistan– an Afghan hero woman who fought against the invasion of British forces in Afghan Anglo war. She told that she is proud to be the first Pashtun receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. And added, this award is not of her alone, it is of all those 66 million girls and children who are not in schools.

We hope for the best of Malala and wish her success in her mission providing education for all children around the world, who lacks education.


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