Quetta: 4 including three women killed in an attack on Polio team

Just got to laptop and when I started going through news via tweets. I found a friend had minutes ago tweeted the news of Quetta attack on Polio eradication team that caused killing 3 young women and a male, and injuring three others.

The unknown gun men sprayed bullets on a vehicle carrying polio teams for the earlier announced polio eradication campaign in the Pakistan’s widest province of Balochistan.

The polio team came under attack in the eastern area of Quetta, called eastern bypass. Though, no body has claimed the attack till I write these lines. Earlier attack on polio team, on 23 November, in Charsada Khyber Pashtunkhwa was claimed by Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan Jamat ul Ahrar.

The said Taliban organization spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan tweeted from his social media account, “We claim the responsibility of attack on polio workers in ShabQadr. We will soon release our policy statement on polio vaccine. In policy statement we will tell according to Islam and science how it is dangerous to health and how it is against Islam”.

It is the first time Polio workers are killed in such a high number in Balochistan which was sought to be a bit peaceful place if compared with the militancy stuck province of Khyber Pashtunkhwa and Karachi. But the recent attack proved that the polio teams are no more secure around the province.

I had just interviewed a polio worker from Quetta, who told me that polio workers are not believing in security men provided for their security. She stated that they become more scared while visiting houses for seeking children under 5. Because a man with gun on a far away distance can only increase “our” chances to be targeted, and those seeking “us” would understand our presence in the area by seeing security men provided to polio teams.

Balochistan is having 12 fresh polio affected children this year. Where seven are reported from Afghanistan bordering district of Killa Abdullah Khan, Chaman. On the other side, Kandahar had fresh cases for the first time. Analysts think that the greater number of incoming and out going people at Pak Afghan border of Chaman will be the cause of polio transportation.

A polio vaccinating doctor who led the teams in his area replied with anonymity in the same tune when he was asked. “When we have outbreak in Chaman, how can Spin Boldak and Kandahar remain safer from polio?”.

The Pakistan origin virus is detected in Afghanistan and Middle east.

Pakistan is reported by World Health Organization having 246 fresh cases this year, which is a record breaking figure if tracked through the last 14 years. And such a boosting up result of polio spread has concerned international community and regional nations.

The ban on polio happened after the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Binladen who’s said was tracked through a CIA led fake vaccination campaign in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Since the death of Al-Qaeda leader the Pakistan based network Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan banned polio vaccination campaigns in their areas of influence. And Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan in border with Afghanistan became a secure area for polio virus grow. So the virus endangered rest of the country as it is carried through other human beings from one region to another.


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