Dog fight in Chaman is a game played centuries back

In mid of the shinny day, people from the main city takes on their motorbikes and cars toward the “Spyo Maidan” or “dogs fighting ground” a specific area having smoother soil without harder rocks particles is selected. It is Chaman the bordering town with Afghanistan. Chaman is again having a dangerous festival in the cold winter days.

These dogs are fought and the gathering seen in the photo enjoys the match. The dog owners sit and a referee or two in the match see the dogs from very near. They bite and punch each other till even to death. Even the referees interferes the fight when one of the owner objects the game.

Winter is “good for dog injuries and they get well soon after a fight” a specialized dog fighter who doesn’t want to be named says. “In hot days no body fight his animals because it is not a good season for such festivals”.

These dogs are raised especially for the fight. Beside other animals fight people from the Pashtun lands of Kandahar, Chaman and Quetta has changed the sports a necessity. As a legend Baloch nationalist had told once that they [ancestors] enjoyed fighting of animals. Because earlier our elders had larger fights against the invaders when it stopped they turned to train their animal fight. They only quenched their real thirst of own fight against enemy. So it would have become a sports by then.

You can see one of the dog’s feet is colored with Henna. And these healthy dogs have a high price daily meet. A specialized assistant and tricks mentor is hired as the dog care taker. And it is never the business of only high profile families. Even poor people from the surrounding areas take on their lazy, sometimes stray and smaller dogs for fighting.

A source stated that actually high prices as “gambling” are put as bit on each dogs head. The winner cheers and the loser become emotional. Even some time the looser kill his dog for not fighting well or simply beat it for not getting victory over the rival dog.

Such activity is surely a violation of animals and pets laws, a crime in international circles of animal protection organizations. No one is allowed to kill or harm these poor animals. Others sell their dogs with minimum prize and search for a new one.

Dogs for the fight are sold from 50 thousand RS to half of a million. They are never fighting with human being as they are trained to catch their rival dogs only when they are surrounded by a gathering of people.

An old saying is so popular among the fighting dog keepers, “A dog fighter told his friend that I had advised you to feed your dog well but you ignored and kept feeding your papa only. Now see the result you lost the match”. Meaning, someone should concentrate and focus his dog more than his “father”. Now you bet how much these people are interested in keeping fighting dogs.

The sports of animal fight are popular in Afghanistan, Pakistan and rest of the regional countries around the region. And it is going back to century older history.


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