Why we don’t think before milk is spoiled?

It was class time, I took bath, & fresh up myself then started to walk to campus. Time was short, so I couldn’t take breakfast. Owing to no breakfast and no energy, I rarely reply even a simple question. Or only nob my head while replying. As conversation needs energy.

So, when I got to department, it didn’t seem that our classes were on today. So got to NewsPaperStand. Started reading, mostly crime reports and bigger headlines of politics. Having Imran & Sirajul Haq’s photos as they have again announced their reconciliation and unity in Khyber Pashtunkhwa provincial government.

Another part of the paper contained a quarter of the page advertisement. And I came across this ad in the Urdu news-paper “Daily Nai Baath” published from Peshawar, it put some strange impression on me. And pushed me think for awhile. This was via JI’s deputy General Secretary, an Afridi— whose name I don’t remember. The said official of JI hailing from Khyber Agency had demanded rights from Pakistani government. And had tuned to be equally treated as the people of North Waziristan are treated. And he had asked for one lac RS for each family who have fled Khyber Agency.

While reading this ad, heard two guys in the background on the premises of the department, one having a nationalist theme tuned logical, while the other putting his religious point of views, showed to be JI supporter [not confirm].

The ad takes me to past, consider it only my imaginations, I would ask why JI supported the civil war and militants in Afghanistan, why they became part of Zia’s dictatorial era and used as tools for the said dictator & his led army state/martial state, why they tried to disturb/destory the social structure of Pashtun Afghan society on both sides of the Durand line [in Afghanistan & ‪#‎Pashtunkhwa‬]? How they used the language of gun instead of argument?

These were the reasons behind the destruction of Afghanistan and disturbance across Pashtunkhwa. That is still going in the shape of ZarbEAzb against the innocent masses of FATA [not confirmed if militants are attacked because no media is allowed to cover it]. And has forced some 1 million people to flee their homes in North Waziristan & Khyber Agency.

What they [JI/JUIF] yielded from all their jihadist ideology based views and formation of jihadi organizations Haftgana & Hashthgana in Afghanistan and Pashtunkhwa [Refugee camps were used for the said purpose in Pashtunkhwa]?

The only product I can count on and state is the 3 decade destruction of Pashtun Afghan Ulas on both sides. And has killed millions of people. This war is still underway. And its fold after 9/11. Which penetrated through the borders of Pashtunkhwa again. This has, so far, killed more than 70 thousand innocent people across Khyber Pashtunkhwa, Fata, Quetta and Pashtun populated areas in Karachi.

Do you think, if our religious parties had played a mere nationalist [nationalism is never opposite to religion— prophets were sent to their nations] role, would this miserable situation have been the result?

No, never. Afghanistan wouldn’t have seen that destruction and civil war, killing million of people, & pushing millions other to live life of refugees in Pakistan, Iran and the western countries. We the Pashtun in Pashtunkhwa wouldn’t have seen the daily basis “Domesday”, killing, slaughtering, migration, starvation under the holly name of our peaceful religion Islam. And the said party’s president/emir Qazi Hussain Ahmed wouldn’t have seen threats & suicide bomb attacks from militants he had led to organize— for war in Afghanistan. Nor the JUI F leader Maulana FazlurReham would have faced three times suicide bombing on his life.

Why don’t we/Pashtun think the result of our deeds before we take steps and practice our hard line ideologies? Because we won’t advertise for relief for our IDPs, displaced due to our own deeds in the past.


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