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Ghor: 14 Hazara Shiites killed

Another incident left 14 Hazaras including women and children in blood bath. This time they [Hazaras] were targeted not in Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan. The poor Shiite Muslims were ruthlessly killed on their way to home. They had probably returned from Eid-ul-Fitr shopping to their homes. Their travelling bus was stopped by Taliban gunmen. After asking them, they [Hazaras] were separated from rest of the people.

Before this deadly incident, in 2011 in Kabul and Mazar e Sharif, the Shiite Hazaras were targeted by Pakistan based influential banned organization Lashkar e Jhangavi. That had also killed several participants of the said community in their religious practices in Muhram Ul Haram the holy Muslim month.

Earlier the Hazara community living in Quetta lost hundreds of their fellows in several bomb blasts continuing with ups and down since 1990s. These events against the Shiite of Quetta peaked in 2003 and 2004. Then re-burst in 2008 and are continuing till the date.

Pakistan based analyst thinks the Mangol features are easy target for anti Shiite groups in Pakistan. Therefore, Quetta is the best place where Lashkar e Jhangavi can single out Hazara community members from rest of the population and spray their bullets on them.

Parachinar and Hango the Pashtun Shiite populated cities are bases for the sectarian violence and these days the chain is spread even to the northern areas of Gilgit Baldistan. Karachi is never spared while these sectarian based target killing erupts.

If honesty is given space here, the number of Shiite Muslim is larger in Punjab if compared with Balochistan and Khyber Pashtunkhwa. But no such incidents take place in the cities of Lahore, Multan and Islamabad. Only in 1990s we heard of some target killing of religious scholars both from Shiite and Sunni sects.

This incident took place at a time as Afghanistan is going through its democratic transitional period from one elected president to the next one. American, Nato and other coalition countries forces are going to be down sized after 2014 withdrawal.

Afghan tribes have been through a longer evolutionary process. They have launched fights against one and other. But no war is fought among them on the basis of sectarianism. Whether it was the deadliest civil war or mere clashes among them on pity issues.

Afghanistan has been a country free of sectarian violence. Though, some of my friends argue that Taliban killed Hazaras. But to them my response is, it was never a sectarian hate, only getting to thrown became possible that way.

Here to mention, some of the population of Hazara tribes in Afghanistan are Sunni Muslim [we always think they are all Shiite]. Afghanistan is shared home of all tribes living there. Though, they had a three decade deadliest war era. Even today, they are more tightly waved in social and national fabrics if compared to other neighboring nations. As this connection is a natural one since the beginning of civilization among Afghans [Afghanistan is home to the most ancient civilizations of Zaratorians (Zartasht)].

Iraq, Syria and other Arab countries having Shiite population are on the harder hits of Islamic State fighters. Recent media reports show their connection with Al Qaeda scattered groups. That’s why a question raises. Are Afghan Taliban now being linked with ISIS or IS? Or Pakistan is applying its kind of sectarian division formula in Afghanistan at a time when the world feels the burn of sectarian based terror incidents.

If Pakistan does it, how bad impacts will it put on the Pakistan’s peace? And using Afghanistan as a base for sectarian violence would be disastrous for Pakistan or not? A match in the oil rug can only cause destruction.


Quetta: Acid thrown on 4 women wounding them severely

An awesome day started in the city of Quetta, the city once called little Paris or London for its beauty. The city is actually a piece of land covered by mountains and is on higher point from the sea level. That’s why it has cooler atmosphere than any other city in Balochistan, excluding Ziarat. But this coolness sometimes get shattered with bombs, target killing and abduction for ransom. This day get us to another bad news in the city.

This is not only Quetta, most of the country except the province of Punjab are bearing the brunt since our establishment got involved in creating terrorism factories seasoned with extremists ideology or I will say the politicized religious ideologies. Therefore, these factories have been living upon the lives of our innocent people. Some are targeted on the basis of sect, others are killed for being secular and at the same time gender based discrimination is on the peak and women are tried to be caged in the four walled houses.

So, sadly it happened again in the center of this glorious city. Four women allegedly targeted in acid throw attack when they were busy probably Eid-Ul-Fitar or daily routine Ramadan, the holy month shopping.

The people living in Balochistan have a diversity of culture. They have lived here for centuries on their ancestral lands. Though, they are follower of the peaceful Islam, didn’t discriminate any sect, gender and group on the basis of religion, color and race. Pashtun, Baloch, Urdu speaking population of the province, Hazara and minorities have always lived a life under the quote of “live and let others to live”. Now, as I write this piece it has been years sectarian killings have risen. Hundreds of Hazara belonging to the Shia community are targeted with bomb blasts. Security forces, police and others are faced by the same fate, whenever, they come in the way of these terror spreading organizations.

It is not the first time that such activities get to the surface and happen continuously. Since the time I was a child then teenage boy, such activities were surrounding the air with bad news. I remember, how my mother and other women were explaining the events taking place in “Zanana Bazar” a shopping area for women. Most of these events were first having a test case. For example these people would throw pamphlets warning women, particularly, young ladies not to be out of their homes.

The kinds of minor acid attacks, closure of CD and barber shops and ban on women at shopping centers were the primary steps taken by the outlaw organizations in Khyber Pashtunkhwa’s paradise like northern areas of Swat. After a shorter interval of time Swat faced an introduced Sharia law that pushed Pakistan to launch its military operation on the people involved in violation of the country’s law. The way I observe things happening scares me some think like the one in Swat is taking place in Balochistan. It may be a doubt or a mere fear. But God knows who are going to visit our land for the application of their brutal ways of treatment.

I pray for the quick recover of four women injured in the acid throw attack. It is only a test of the society taken by the hardliner religious organizations. Once they feel our senses dead. They will surely launch more attacks. So I ask the government of Balochistan to take strict actions against the culprits. That no one will dare doing so in the future.

Who are looking after 0.8 million Internally Displaced Persons IDPs?

Pakistan forces are busy in their launched operation Zarb E Azb in North Waziristan Agency. Earlier of the operation launch people from North Waziristan, Mirali, Miranshah and around were warned to flee the area. According to official sources round about 0.8 million tribal from the North Waziristan Agency fled to Bannu, a district of Khyber Pashtunkhwa. And a smaller portion of this population crossed Durand line and is now settled in Afghanistan’s Khost province.

On my visit to Bannu, Dera Ismail Khan and Peshawar I found many of these families in miserable situation. Most of them were crying of the longest journey they had fled on. The farthest areas from the Bannu district are having a way that can be covered in three to four days. The families who were not having money to pay high fares had started their journey on feet. Some of these IDPs couldn’t face the hard sunny days and longer walks. They felt to the ground and died, according to their relatives. Children were the easiest attack of warm weather, shortage of water and food and longer journey.

After this all they arrived to Bannu where a Pakistan Army erected camp was managed for these fleeing people. Only a dozen of families who were having nothing settled in the said camp. Rest of these tribal went to the houses of their fellow Pashtuns living across Khyber Pashtunkhwa, Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab. Thanks God we are having a stronger bond among the Pashtun tribes who welcome their guests and share their belongings when they see someone or group in trouble. Because hospitality is the pillar of Pashtun code of life Pashtunwali these relatives were never minded to be in their houses.

At the same time Sindh and Punjab government threw obstacles in the way of the tribal who have abandoned their motherland owing to the Pakistani jet bombardment and ground operation. So, the parameter of Pakistani nationalism can be bitterly gauged from the attitude of rest of Pakistan seeing their brother countrymen universal creatures.

Both Khyber Pashtunkhwa and federal government led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif didn’t consider the arrangements of fleeing IDPs before launching operation. On the other hand International Non-governmental Organizations were not asked for help. Nonetheless, the international community helps nations on such tragic event. According to sources in Pakistan spy agencies of the country consider international organizations as international intelligence network in plain cloth. Therefore, they keep a tight watch on the presence of aid organizations around the country.

Till the moment I write this piece. IDPs are having their lives in trouble. No drinking water, food, health and cleansing facilities are provided to these people. Some of journalist and writer friends from Punjab and Sindh consider these IDPs to be guilty of providing space to the terrorist organizations. Even though they know the foreigner who had killed 50000 people from these tribes and around Khyber Pashtunkhwa were on the hospitality of powerful hands and brains.

Afghanistan registered the IDPs flowing to their province of Khost. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Afghan security forces registered every individual and family coming to their side from North Waziristan and they are provided the same shelter mostly in the houses of fellow Pashtun tribes. The remaining are shifted to the camp.

We can only pray for the good fate of tribal families who are living their life in camps and relatives houses with misery and grieves. And pray for their safe return to their lands.